Clint West

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Name Clint West (deceased)
Actor Austin Nichols
Episode(s) 1.05 Duke

1.06 Bar None
1.07 Tracks
1.10 Encore
1.11 Freedom
1.12 A Tale of Two Families

1.13 Defend The Ranch


Married to Crystal West, they are a wild and dangerous couple. They joined a travelling rodeo and used it as a front to cover their bank robberies. When Crystal was released from prison and reunited with Clint, they joined together with Jaxon Davis and Twyla Jean to form the Rodeo Kings. The Kings became known throughout Texas for their robberies, often resulting in bank employees being murdered or critically injured. When Jaxon broke his leg approximately four months prior to Duke, it was the perfect "in" for Cordell to join their ranks, due to being down a member. Cordell created the persona "Duke Culpepper" and was undercover for ten months before finally bringing Clint and Crystal to justice. Twyla and Jaxon were not arrested at the time of the initial robbery four months prior. Not much else is known about Clint, but his karaoke song is "Last Dance" by Donna Summer.

Clint was presumed dead due to the injuries he sustained in the bank robbery (shown in episode 5, Duke), but we find out at the end of episode 6 Bar None that he is still alive. And he is the father of Trevor Strand, who reveals to Clint that Cordell is actually a Ranger, and is also still alive (Clint had thought "Duke" died).

Clint escaped from prison while on a bus transport, in Freedom, and he went to the Walker Ranch intent on revenge. After shooting Liam in the chest, he held he Walker family hostage and forced Hoyt and Cordell to rob a bank (in Defend The Ranch). Once the job was done, there was a shootout between Clint and the Walker family, and Clint murdered Hoyt with a knife wound to the abdomen. After Cordell beat Clint up (what a great scene), Clint tried to convince his son Trevor to shoot Cordell. Micki ultimately convinced Trevor not to, mentioning his mother (Crystal) and ensuring Trevor lowered his gun. Clint took the opportunity to attempt to shoot Cordell, but Liam shot Clint and killed him.

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