August Walker

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Name August Walker
  • "Augie"
  • "Buckaroo" By Cordell
  • Actor Kale Culley / IMDB
    Dates 2007 - (Age 14)
    Occupation Student
    1st Appearance 1.01 Pilot
  • Cordell Walker (father)
  • Liam Walker (uncle)
  • Abeline Walker (grandmother)
  • Bonham Walker (grandfather)
  • Stella Walker (sister)
  • Bret (future uncle)
  • Emily Walker (mother, deceased)
  • "That boy is working so hard to keep anyone from worrying about him, he's twisted into bits. Don't take him for granted. Not for a second."
    Abeline to Cordell about August in Pilot

    About the Character

    The CW's official character description: "Fourteen years old, sweet, sincere, and quietly smart, August is Walker’s son. Arlo rabidly consumes information and is eager to learn any skill that will help, please, and impress his family. Unlike his sister, he doesn’t want to cause a stir. In other words, a time bomb."


    Brian Bowen Smith/CW

    August Walker is the youngest child of Cordell and Emily Walker, and the younger brother of Stella. He is learning photography, following the footsteps of his mother who shared the hobby with him.

    His father Cordell left fairly soon after the death of his wife, Emily, and had been gone for 10 months on an undercover assignment. August and Stella have been living with their grandparents Abeline and Bonham, and both children have heavily bonded with their Uncle Liam, as he has temporarily relocated from New York to Texas to help out with taking care of them.

    August tries his best to keep the peace, trying to maintain a happy outward appearance so no one in his family will worry about him. It was stated in a recent interview that August is a "ticking time bomb"[1] so his subdued, introverted nature may not last for much longer.