Bad Apples

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Title Bad Apples
Episode 1.16
Aired July 15, 2021
Ratings 0.963mil - 0.13 (18-49)
Director Joel Novoa
Writer Aaron Carew
Synopsis Captain James leads Micki and the team into a drug bust with a dirty cop, Officer Campbell at the center. However, after Campbell is inexplicably set free, the cop targets the Captain’s son, DJ , in retaliation. Walker gives Trey advice on his future.
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Captain James and Micki Ramirez lead the Texas Rangers on a high-profile drug bust that brings in a dirty cop named Owen Campbell suspected of selling drugs he acquires while undercover on the street to garner his own profit. Back at the family ranch, August questions his father if he's happy with his life no longer as a Ranger. Cordell dismisses the assertion but privately is facing yet another existential crisis without his dream job.

As Micki and Trey reflect on Trey's acceptance into medical school, Liam admits to his ex-fiancé, Bret, that he didn't actually cheat on him in Mexico but was trying to keep him safe from the criminal operation that nearly murdered him and Captain James. Later, Trey expresses his own doubts to Cordell about his career path and professional future about moving forward with medical school, with Cordell assuring him to trust his own instincts.

Back at Texas Rangers headquarters, Campbell has his lawyer secure him a release, citing he was still working undercover at the time of the bust. As he leaves, the culprit catches sight of James' son DJ James. As Walker catches up with James and DJ at his bar, the trio is shocked when they discover that Campbell has apparently set the captain's car on fire, labeling him a traitor, though without connecting evidence. Despite James urging Micki to stand down and let him handle the matter, she tails Campbell until James brings her in and he reveals he and Liam are working together on a sting operation to bust a whole ring of dirty cops.

While on a drive with Stella, DJ is pulled over by Campbell who plants drugs on him to initiate an arrest and bring him in as Stella watches, horrified. As James picks up DJ, his son vents his frustrations over being targeted by the cops while Cordell's children convince him to rejoin the Rangers, with Stella giving her father video she covertly filmed of DJ's arrest before he is officially sworn back in. James confronts Campbell at a local diner just as a news report airs the incriminating footage and James presenting an arrest warrant, Walker and Ramirez proudly watching their captain bring in the dirty cop.

As Cordell and James enjoy working together again and relaxing at the family ranch, Liam is surprised by his boss deciding to quietly serve out the remainder of his term as District Attorney at home in the wake of Liam going over his head to the Texas Attorney General to obtain an arrest warrant. The move reinvigorates Liam's electoral campaign for District Attorney, with Bret joining his campaign. Trey decides to pursue a career in psychiatry instead of as a surgeon, with Micki's support, before the group celebrates back at The Sidestep.[1]


  • The reporter on the television (Sydney Benter) was an actual news reporter from KXAN, and filmed her cameo on one of her final days at the station.
  • The arrest of Lt. Campbell was filmed at "Top Notch Austin", which was also showcased in Richard Linklater's 1993 film, "Dazed and Confused", starring another well known Austin actor, Matthew McConaughey.

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Hunting Ground The Black Delta movement Micki and Capt. James bust Lt. Campbell in the beginning of the episode
How You Make a Fool (feat. Robert Ellis) The Tender Things James, DJ, and Cordell drink and catch up.
Devil Echoes Polock James, DJ, and Cordell discover the car on fire.
Only Us Paperwhite Stella and DJ talk about their dads/college.
Wisdom/Boredom Daniel Trakell Cordell and Stella talk about being a Ranger, she gives him back his buckle.
Rainy Taxi (Big Beat) Spoon Cordell shows up at the Ranger's Station and he's a Ranger again!
Porno Disaster The Octopus Project James shows up to confront and arrest Campbell; Campbell makes a run for it.
Shine The Dirty River Boys Cordell, Micki, Liam, and James celebrate closing the Campbell case and having Cordell back on the force.


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