Bobble Head

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Title Bobble Head
Episode 1.03
Aired February 4, 2021
Ratings 1.86mil - 0.3 (18-49)
Director Randy Zisk
Writer Seamus Kevin Fahey
Synopsis Walker’s life gets more complicated when his childhood best friend, Hoyt Rawlins, returns to town. Abeline is thrilled to have Hoyt home but Geri has conflicted feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Micki has her suspicions about the real reason Hoyt returned to town.
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17 Years Prior

Cordell and Emily open the scene in a red 1967 Mustang Convertible, though it stalls the second Cordell tries to drive. Emily is teaching him how to drive stick, and we get the first shot of a Rangers Baseball bobble head on the dash, which is meant to be a good luck charm. Cordell eventually gets the car going and they drive off.

Current Time

Cordell is in Micki's new truck, in the middle of a stakeout at Top Heavy (a strip club). He puts the bobble head on her dash and explains that it's a good luck charm, then begins to try and bond with her by asking a million questions. He guesses her middle name (incorrectly), and Micki asks about Cordell and Stella's relationship. He states that they're actually in a good place, though she has an upcoming court date for possession. Micki tells Cordell not to take the easy way out.

Inside the strip club, Hoyt is stripping, wearing not much more than skin tight underwear, chaps, and a mountain of glitter. He thrusts his way over to Sharon Torreto and gives her an impromptu lap dance, using the opportunity to speak to her and inform her he spotted "white hats" outside, so they should head out back.

Micki and Cordell are still talking, and Micki mentions an old friend named Garrison Murphey, someone with whom she had some "crazy teen years" together. Though she didn't elaborate. People begin to spill out of the strip club so they watch in anticipation of catching Torreto, but she doesn't come out. So, they go inside to find her.

Unfortunately for them, no one is inside except a solitary male dancer (who offers them a dance in the VIP room, to which they decline... sad face). They hear tires screech and rush outside, only to watch as Micki's brand new truck is stolen. And I guess also the bobble head along with it.

August and Stella are on their way to school, the trip made complete by August's superb Attenborough impression as narration for the walk. They're stopped by Robin and Liz, who ask if they're going to the bonfire. Stella claims she doesn't want to rock the boat with her dad, considering he's actually being cool for once.

The girls depart and Ruby approaches August, asking (also) about the bonfire. August begins by saying he won't be going because it's "not his thing", but Ruby claims the previous year was a blast, and August folds pretty quickly, claiming he'll be going (he definitely has a crush!). Ruby tells him freshmen bring alcohol.

Abeline and Bonham are preparing the house for an unnamed guest (though we later learn it's Hoyt), and Bonham seems unsure of the entire thing. He tries to hide his bourbon and mentions not putting out their "fancy stuff", indicating he doesn't trust Hoyt much. Abeline sees the best in everyone and tells Bonham to give him a chance.

Back at the Rangers station, the Rangers are being updated on Torreto, and Capt. Larry James says they might have a "new player in town" before showing the video surveillance of the truck being stolen the night prior. Cordell recognizes his old friend Hoyt, even without seeing his face, because Hoyt did his "touchdown victory dance" before entering the truck. They're instructed by Capt. James to find the truck, Torreto, and the "naked cowboy".

Cordell is at home afterward and is jumped by Hoyt, before they wrestle for a bit like good ol' Texas boys often do. Cordell says he should arrest Hoyt for taking the truck, but Hoyt denies knowing anything about anything. Before they can continue the discussion, Abeline spots Hoyt and they rush together to hug in a very sweet display, both obviously very excited to see the other.

When they're all having dinner, Abeline asks Hoyt to say Grace, to which he does ("Dear lord, I have no doubt, you’ll bless this food as we pig out"), and the kids refer to Hoyt as "Uncle Hoyt" (cute). They ask about Hoyt's life and he talks about doing odd jobs to save money to move back ("I actually sold cars in Somerset for a spell, till I saved enough to come home"). Cordell and Liam jokingly ask if he's been to Clemens, Hutchins, Briscoe, or Hilltop, which are all prison locations.

Micki pulls up outside the Walker residence to find her truck parked nearby. She tries to call Cordell to let him know that her truck is there and she worries the suspect might be looking for Cordell.

Back inside, Liam is offering (good) legal advice to Stella, while Hoyt also offers (bad) advice. Abeline interrupts by bringing out hot peppers and announcing the Annual Muy Caliente Competition.

Micki walks closer to the house and spots Hoyt having dinner with the Walkers. Bonham arrives behind her with a shotgun. They introduce themselves, Bonham revealing that Hoyt Rawlins is an old friend of Cordell's and that's why the truck is there. Micki claims she's there to arrest Hoyt. Bonham points out the lack of evidence and says she's better off joining him for steak in the bunkhouse.

In the next scene, Micki and Bonham are sharing a delicious meal and bonding, which we love. She asks about Hoyt's story and Bonham informs her that he went to high school with Cordell and they played football together. He mentions as well that Hoyt had a rough life, and that his wife Abeline has a soft spot for strays, while Cordell has a blindspot for faces from the past. Bonham reassures Micki that she'll get an opportunity to arrest Hoyt soon, because "it's just a matter of time before Hoyt gives you enough rope".

Hoyt plans to go mushroom hunting with Abeline before heading for the exit, and then he tells Cordell that he hopes they catch "the guy" (the truck thief). Hoyt asks Cordell to hang out the next day, to which Cordell agrees, but then says that he will have to take Hoyt down if he's involved in the crime he's investigating. They hug and Hoyt leaves.

Hoys takes Cordell to a storage facility "in the middle of nowhere". Hoyt reveals the gorgeous red Mustang that once belonged to Emily. It is revealed that Hoyt won the car in a bet and has kept it all this time. He says after everything, Cordell deserves it. In a flashback, we see that Emily was the one that said to gamble the car because they would need money. She asks what he would name the car, he says 'Stella' (awwww). It is then revealed that Emily is pregnant, and that's why they need the money, for their "nest egg".

Captain James and Micki are discussing the case back at the Rangers Station. Micki says she found her truck and that Cordell is with the man who took it, which isn't a surprise to Captain James, who already knew it was Hoyt. Micki says "Okay, right now, he's probably hanging out with Hoyt, convincing himself that he's gathering intel and not crossing a line." and Capt. James replies that she should "Convince him otherwise". Micki mentions a delivery truck was stolen a few nights before, from a butcher company, and it could be involved. Cordell then calls into work saying he won't be in because he's "gathering intel from a CI".

Hoyt and Cordell are at the bar talking to Geri. She is unimpressed by Hoyt as he begs her for forgiveness. He presents her with a ring that looks to be made out of some sort of plastic tie? They all toast to Emily and reminisce before beginning a poker game.

Micki shows up at the bar and says she's checking in on her partner. She tells Hoyt that she's heard a lot about him. She eludes that he took her truck, but does not outright accuse him. Hoyt offers to buy a round of drinks, and Micki arrests him for trying to bribe an officer. Cordell asks what she’s doing, and she tells him she is keeping him in line.

Cordell and Micki are at the police station, and Cordell insists that Hoyt can't be held. Micki calls him Mr. Conflict of interest before she enters the room to question Hoyt. She tries to pry information from him but he's unwavering, though he does say "Don't tell James, but I think Cordi got himself a partner upgrade."

The kids are at the bonfire. Stella justifies being there by saying that her mom started the bonfire (which is something she learned from Hoyt at their family dinner earlier). August is there and dancing adorably, clearly drunk.

Cordell and Micki are in full gear, staking out the location Hoyt revealed to Micki during their questioning. Something doesn't feel right. The Rangers surround the place and enter from all sides. Inside is the mustang, but nothing else. There is a note on the car to Cordell, saying a brief farewell, and claiming it was always going to end up that way. But through Cordell's own knowledge of Hoyt, he suggests he knows where they're going to be, because "sometimes, being Mr. Conflict of Interest has its perks".

August is drunk and about to walk barefoot on hot coal, in an effort to impress Ruby (Augie no). Before he can go through with it, Stella stops him, and he confronts her asking if she's trying to make their leave by acting out more. She tells him not to say that. He throws up and Stella tries calling Cordell but it goes to voicemail.

Liam and Bret are having a night out with an abundance of cake samples for their upcoming wedding. Liam receives a call from Stella and she and asks him to pick them up because August is drunk. Bret quickly decides to abandon the cakes because he would love to see August drunk (it's very charming).

Hoyt speaks to Abeline over the phone, informing her he won’t be able to join her tomorrow for mushroom hunting. He says he's heading out of town and apologizes for letting her down. She reminds him that just because he comes from a bad family, doesn't mean he's bad. When the call ends, she's obviously distraught. It's clear she cares about Hoyt a great deal.

Bret and Liam pick up a very drunk August and Stella. Stella asks Liam to be at court tomorrow for her, but Liam says it's her father's decision to make. He makes sure to assure that she'll be fine. Once they're all in the car, they jam out in the car when drunk August puts on Fleetwood Mac It's so very cute.

The rangers storm the location where everything is going down. There is gunfire and bad-assery. Hoyt steals Micki's truck again, but Micki stops it remotely (because she finally installed all the bells and whistles that Cordell convinced her to install). Hoyt is arrested. They go back to talking about Micki's friend Garrison. She says he never made it, stating "He skated along until he skated off the edge. Just never got the tough love he needed." She says Hoyt is better off where he's going, and that it's the right thing to do. Cordell says he isn't the only one who needs "tough love" (referring to Stella... or maybe also himself?).

Stella appears nervous before the court date. She asks Cordell why he's not wearing his uniform and he says he's going as her father, not as a Ranger, so as not to give the judge the wrong impression. As they leave the house, he shouts in sleeping August's ear and whacks him with a pillow, as a punishment for getting drunk the night before. They go outside to the red Mustang that Cordell now owns again. It's the first time the kids are seeing the car and Cordell tells Stella that it used to belong to her mother. August asks if there's a bucket in the back.

Bonham asks if Abeline if she needs company for her mushroom hunt, and she says she wants to go alone. He apologizes about Hoyt, but she's still noticeably upset. Bonham says he misses her, and she says "I know".

At the bar, Micki arrives and asks Geri for a shot of Tequila. She presents Geri with the ring that Hoyt had left behind, and apologizes for doing her job. Geri asks if she wants her change or another shot, and they end up drinking together. Bonding! Perfection.

Outside the courthouse, Stella apologizes to Cordell, which is very sweet. He just seems happy that she faced the music, and says she'll be working off the fine. She asks "Is that before the 100 hours of community service or after my license gets suspended?" and August snorts, making a funny face. They drive for a bit before Cordell makes everyone get out, and Stella hops in the driver's seat so Cordell can teach her to drive stick just like Emily did so many years before. August has to run after them to "sweat out" his hangover, and they act as his "pace car". Stella asks what the car's name is and Cordell doesn't technically respond, just chuckles and says "Doing great. Doing great, Stella." They drive off.


Sharon "Terreto"
  • During the sting operation to catch Torreto and Hoyt, when they find the red mustang previously owned by Emily, Cordell says to Capt. James over the walkie: "We got rags" and "We're drawing dead". These are both poker terms. Drawing dead: when there are no cards left in the deck that will make a draw hand into a winner. Rags: Weak cards or a weak hand.
  • Emily's car is a 1967 candy apple red Ford Mustang Convertible. It is the base model and not a GT, and has a special Exterior Decor Group package visible by the blinkers on the hood, pop open gas cap and chrome across the trunk lid.[1] This could also be a reference to the 1967 Chevy Impala from Supernatural.
  • In the end credits of the episode (both on the live broadcast and streamed via the CW App), it incorrectly lists Sharon Torreto's name as "Sharon Terreto".

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Trouble L.A. Edwards (Flashback) Emily teaches Cordell how to drive stick shift on her mustang. Amazing.
My Kingdom's Come Samuel Jack Hoyt makes his introduction as a glittery, thrusting, naked cowboy at the strip club.
Way Over My Head Love Taps, Chi Duly, Melika Stella hangs out with her friends at the bonfire when they point out August is drunk and dancing (and killing it).
Tusk Fleetwood Mac August turns on music as they leave the bonfire; Walker, Micki and the rangers take down Hoyt, Torreto and her gang. Cake. So much cake.
Polyester John Evans Micki stops by the Side Step to give Geri the ring Hoyt left for her then they have a drink together #weshipit
Kids These Days Shakey Graves Walker teaches Stella to drive stick on her mother's old car while August runs behind them.


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