Bonham Walker

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Name Bonham Walker
  • "Daddy" By Cordell
  • "Gramps"
  • "Bon" By Abeline
  • Actor Mitch Pileggi / IMDB
    Dates 1952 - (Age 67)
    Occupation Rancher
    1st Appearance 1.01 Pilot
  • Abeline Walker (wife)
  • Cordell Walker (son)
  • Liam Walker (son)
  • Bret (future son-in-law)
  • Stella Walker (grandchild)
  • August Walker (grandchild)
  • Emily Walker (daughter-in-law, deceased)
  • Stan Morrison (friend)
  • "Sometimes, getting back to normal might just mean starting fresh."
    ―Bonham to Cordell in Back in the Saddle

    About the Character

    The CW's official character description: "He is sturdy, conservative and tough as nails but a family man through and through. A third-generation Texas rancher, he’s most comfortable taking care of business on the ranch — in the bullpen, supervising cowboys, training horses. Bonham is a man who speaks his mind. He’s not about to mince words when it comes to talking to his kids."[1]


    Brian Bowen Smith/CW

    Bonham is the husband of Abeline and mother to Cordell and Liam. He works on the family ranch and has a great love for his children and granchildren (Stella and August).

    When Cordell left to work an undercover case, Abeline and Bonham took in the grandchildren and have been taking care of them with the help Liam. They worked to give the children a comforting environment, as well as provide a promising future for them by enrolling them both in The Catholic "Sacred Heart High School".

    Though Bonham has a great deal of affection for his family, he is stoic and not one to show his emotions. He also wasn't pleased over Cordell leaving his children for so long, especially considering how he left so soon after Emily's murder. Due to this, he supported Liam when Liam attempted to gain custody of Stella and August.