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Title Boundaries
Episode 2.11
Aired March 10, 2022
Ratings 1.611mil - 0.20 (18-49)
Director David McWhirter
Writer Geri Carillo
Synopsis When confronted by the Davidsons, Liam shares an old land survey which could spell trouble for the Walker family, and Bonham reveals one truth from the past while covering up another. Meanwhile, Cordell has news of his own he would like to share with the family if he can get the chance.
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As Cordell embarks on a full-fledged romance with Geri, the two agree to set boundaries for themselves to avoid complicating matters. Returning home from his impromptu overnight, Walker's family immediately senses what has transpired, with Stella noticeably unhappy at the amorous development. This topic gets sidelined when Liam reveals that his surveying and historical records show that the Walker ranch is technically on the Davidsons' land -- incensing Bonham, who privately recalls that Marv Davidson was aware of this ownership issue before he died. Abeline separately remembers that Gale Davidson knows that the Walkers are hiding something, and vows to handle the problem before it worsens.

Back at the Davidson home, Denise and Dan's marriage remains tense with Denise suspicious of whether Dan played a role in the illegal surveillance system planted inside the Walker ranch. With Colton and Stella's dynamic testy in the wake of her dating someone else, Colton shares with Gale that August has the lantern responsible for the barn fire that killed Marv, and offers to help recover it for his grandmother. Denise finally voices her suspicions to Dan, leading to a big argument that results in Denise kicking Dan out of their home.

Cassie finds Dan drunk in public from this falling out, dropping him off back at the Davidson ranch, where she meets Denise for the first time and Denise agrees to help Cassie search for her missing partner Miles. As the Walkers argue over the land dispute with the Davidsons, Denise invites them to meet with her family at the Side Step to sort things out. Comparing notes over the 19th century deed, Bonham reveals that he and Marv decided to settle the land dispute with a horse race before Marv's untimely death. Bonham decided to keep this arrangement to himself for decades. In light of this bombshell revelation, Bonham and Gale agree to a new horse race -- this time with all of their respective land as the wager.

After finalizing the contract for the upcoming race, Denise announces that she is personally reopening the investigation behind her father's death in the barn fire -- putting the Walker family on the defensive on multiple fronts. Abby privately mentions to Bonham that the child Gale assumed she lost years ago survived, but she's kept this news from Gale ever since learning it from Marv. While the family mulls over the high stakes competition, they decide that they're happy that Cordell and Geri have taken their relationship into romantic territory.

But Bonham hides the lantern responsible for causing the barn fire in the ranch's stables, aware that it is a smoking gun in Denise's renewed investigation. The battle lines are definitively drawn between the Walker and Davidson family moving forward..[1]


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Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Beach Hollyy Cordell wakes up after spending the night with Geri.
Count It Off The Saturday Knights, The Muscle Shoals Horns Cordell and Cassie do indoor rock climbing.
Empire Builder Typhoon Colton walks away from Stella after yelling at her about 'fling' with Todd.
Top of the World The Wild Feathers Geri talks with Trey about her and Cordi's relationship.
Blackberry Brandy T Bird and the Breaks Cassie brings home a drunk Dan to the Davidson's ranch.
We Tremble Monahans Bonham and Geri talk in the barn; Geri watches as Bonham walks off with the lantern and a shovel.


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