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Name Cali
Actor Katrina Begin
Episode(s) 1.09 Rule Number 17
1.18 Drive


Cali was involved in a poker game with the Northside Nation gang, playing against Oswald and Geri (once Geri had joined). After Cordell and Capt. Larry James infiltrated the game, saving Geri from being hurt by Oswald, Cali was brought out in handcuffs. She told Capt. James and Cordell that she had information about April 8th, the night of Emily's murder, but she would need protection and for her criminal record to be wiped clean. They released her from the handcuffs so she could go inside the building to get her phone, said to have contained a voice recording of Oswald from April 10th (the date of the game in Laredo, shown in episode 7, Tracks). Cali mentions that the recording includes details of the events that transpired on April 8th.

Unfortunately for Cordell, it was a ruse. When Cali was inside the building, Cordell spotted her picking up and flicking a lighter, which prompted a flashback informing him that Cali was actually at the Medical Examiner's office the night Cordell was tasked with identifying Emily's body. Cordell and Capt. James chased Cali further into the building, and she revealed that she had actually been the one who murdered Emily. She believed that Emily saw their illegal drug smuggling the night of the murder, and was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cordell almost shot Cali for admitting this, but Capt. James convinced him not to. And just as he put his gun down, Cali attempted to shoot Cordell, but Geri had been hiding behind them and shot Cali in defense. Cali was shown to be dead on the floor after this.