Carlos Mendoza

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Name Carlos Mendoza
Actor Joe Perez
Episode(s) 1.06 Bar None

1.09 Rule Number 17
1.17 Dig

1.18 Drive


Arrested for the murder of Emily Walker only two days after her death in 2020. Carlos was first mentioned in the pilot episode (Pilot), though we only meet him in episode 6 (Bar None). In this episode, we learn that Carlos has ALS, and is using the drug Edaravone to help with symptoms. It was presumed he was a drug addict due to the track marks, but these are from the Edaravone. He has a niece who owns the art gallery "Galería 107" in Reynosa, Mexico. His niece has been receiving repeat payments for artworks from an address in Austin, and the repeat payments began only two days after Emily's murder. Liam and Capt. Larry James discover the payments and it leads them to believe that Carlos and his niece are being paid hush money so Carlos will take the fall for the murder.

Cordell was told of Carlos's innocence by Liam at the end of episode 8 (Fine Is A Four Letter Word), and Carlos was released from prison in episode 9 (Rule Number 17).

In episode 17 (Dig), Carlos is on his deathbed, and Cordell goes to speak with him because he knows Carlos lied about killing Emily. Carlos admits that Stan was involved, which leads Cordell to confront Stan.