Cassie Perez

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Name Cassandra "Cassie" Perez
  • "Cass" By Cordell
  • Actor IMDB
    Dates 1990s - (Age 30s)
  • Texas Ranger
  • 1st Appearance 2.10 Nudge
  • Cordell Walker (partner)
  • Larry James (employer)
  • Bonham Walker (friend)
  • "You pulled the e-brake? Who's the unhinged psychopath now?"
    ―Cassie to Cordell in Nudge

    About the Character

    She goes broke. She’s a great Ranger because she gets the job done and she won’t stop until she solves whatever case she needs to. The ends justify the means for her. At first, they (Cordell and Cassie) think of each other as a bit of a joke. Cassie thinks that she’s a better Ranger than Walker, Walker thinks that Cassie is incompetent. But as the episode goes on, we see that they are actually made to be partners because she is what he used to be, and I think he sees a lot of himself in her, and she learns a lot from him.

    She looks up to Micki a lot because she looks at her as the first female Ranger on this force, and as someone who just graduated from Ranger school, she’s the only role model (Cassie) has. So she feels the pressure a lot like, to be honest, I feel the pressure. But she accepts that she’s not replacing Micki as much as she is just (picking up]) where she kind of left off and just doing the best that she can. Cassie is wild and impulsive and balances (Cordell) out, where she tells him, “It’s OK to have these instincts, and it’s OK to go wild sometimes. But we need each other to balance each other out.”

    She doesn’t have much of a family herself, and so she finds her family in the Walkers.[1]


    A New York–born newbie is an impulsive “adrenaline junkie” who will be pushing Cordi’s buttons from the get-go. Having taken leave from the Rangers to hunt down the kidnapper of her former partner, Cassie has become “a bit of an outlaw herself.”[2]