Champagne Problems

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Title Champagne Problems
Episode 2.16
Aired May 5, 2022
Ratings 0.694mil - 0.10 (18-49)
Director Kelli Williams
Writer Casey Fisher & Blythe Ann Johnson
Synopsis The Walkers pull out all the stops to celebrate Abeline and Bonham's anniversary; Cassie finds a piece of her past; Cordell needs a favor from Geri.
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The Walker family celebrates Abeline and Bonham’s 40th wedding anniversary, with an ambitious set of plans prepared to ring in the special occasion. Bonham shares with Cordell that Abby is still visibly shaken since her falling out with Geri over the secret of her biological parentage, with Cordell vowing to have the two make amends. This fortuitously coincides with Geri returning to town after spending time with the Davidson women, as she continues to navigate the sudden change to her familial dynamic.

While going out to buy alcohol for the evening’s festivities, Liam hits it off with the salesman only to discover that he is Cassie Perez’s estranged brother Ben Perez, with the tension still evident between them. Liam advises Cordell to not wade into the delicate matter and instead decides to help Cassie address the unresolved issues with her sibling, citing his own emotional rollercoaster of a dynamic with Cordell. In the meantime, Cordell meets up with Geri to make sure things are okay between them before imploring her to appear at his parents’ anniversary party. While still unsure of how she stands with Abby, Geri promises she will at least consider the invitation and opportunity for a reconciliation.

As Cassie tries to make amends with Ben, he is still furious with her for not being present for the death of his boyfriend Lucas back in Houston. Believing both their sons are busy, Bonham and Abby go with their grandchildren Stella and August to the Side Step where they are greeted by a surprise party. Ben is present and continues his flirtatious rapport with Liam but still cannot bring himself to speak with Cassie. As Abby leads the party in a toast, she is happy to see Geri present, finally allowing herself to enjoy the proceedings.

Encouraged by Liam, Cassie works up the courage to speak with Ben privately, apologizing for months of ignoring her brother when he needed her the most, leading the siblings to tearfully mend fences. Stopping Liam from carrying out a toast, Bonham takes the opportunity to sing a song to the gathered party, reflecting his cowboy nature and his enduring relationship to Abby. Afterwards, Geri and Abby finally reconcile, with Geri reaffirming her love towards the Walker family as the two women embrace.

Returning to Ben’s home in Austin, Cassie thanks Liam for helping her make amends with her brother while giving him her blessing to potentially pursue a romance with him. After Cassie gives the men some space, Liam successfully asks Ben out before they enjoy a round of drinks. As Cordell cleans up the party, he is approached by Twyla Jean who thanks him for helping her out of trouble with her new boss who suspected her of defrauding him and for helping her secure an early parole. This leads to an awkward encounter with Geri walking in to see the two of them talking, silently leaving without making her presence known to her friend.[1]


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Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
I Wanna Say to You The Molochs Liam and Ben flirt; Cassie interrupts and we all find out Ben's her brother, eep.
Young Sun June At the Side Step, Augie and Stella work on prep for party; They talk about Stella's plans.
Diary of a Rose Meda Bog Cassie goes back to the liquor store to talk to Ben.
Good Life SUR Bonham and Abby are greeted and celebrated at the Side Step.
Flowers, Keys & Gasoline Mail the Horse At the Side Step, Ben shows up with the bottle of champagne.
Harmonize Rising Appalachia At the Side step, Cordell and Abby make toasts; Everyone raises a glass.
I Got the Lonely Mel Parsons At the Side Step, Ben and Cassie make up.
The Cowboy in Me Cover by Mitch Pileggi (original by Tim McGraw) At the Side Step, Bonham performs a love song for Abby.
Visible Sans Soucis At Ben's apartment, Liam asks Ben out.
You and I Ali Holder Twyla shows up after the party and puts the song on the jukebox; they talk.


Lead/Recurring Characters

Guest Stars

  • Karissa Lee Staples as Twyla Jean
  • Matt Pascua as Ben Perez
  • Paula Marshall as Gale Davidson
  • Kevin Crank as Boss
  • Andre Dante Mitchell as Lou
  • Dom Desroches as Rep
  • Rick Rios as Old Ranch Hand
  • Maritza Guerrero as Ranch Hand Spouse
  • Carol Hickey as Mrs. Cleary
  • Sean McGraw as Mr. Cleary
  • Mayra Lucia Vazquez as Mrs. Garcia
  • Jennifer Aguilar as Mrs. Garcia #2

Episode Stills

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