Colton Davidson

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Name Colton Davidson
Actor Jalen Thomas Brooks
Episode(s) 2.01 They Started It

2.02 The One Who Got Away
2.03 Barn Burner
2.06 Douglas Fir
2.07 Where Do We Go From Here
2.09 Sucker Punch
2.10 Nudge

2.11 Boundaries


Son of Denise Davidson and Dan Miller, grandson of Gale Davidson. He is a fellow student at Sacred Heart High School with August and Stella. When he first encounters them, they get into a fight (and August punches him). It's apparent he's aware of who August and Stella are before they've been introduced, because he seems antagonistic and says "Hear you always blame other people for the messes they make, so this tracks."

He's described as “a sharp and ‘indie’ cool kid,” the adopted son of the new DA and former childhood neighbor of the Walkers is well aware of the ongoing feud between the families and is hellbent on adding fuel to the fire.

After the kids bond a little more, it's revealed in Sucker Punch that Colton has a crush on Stella, because he wrote a song for her that was performed by August and Todd.