Dan Miller

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Name Dan Miller
Actor Dave Annable
Episode(s) 2.01 They Started It

2.03 Barn Burner
2.04 It's Not What You Think
2.06 Douglas Fir

2.09 Sucker Punch


Dan is married to Denise Davidson, and son-in-law of Gale Davidson. Due to the feud between the Walker family and the Davidsons, Dan doesn't take kindly to the Walkers upon first meeting them. While Liam is drinking away his pain over Denise being acting D.A, Dan makes a comment about Liam initially losing the election to a murderer (Stan Morrison), and Liam throws a punch. Though the fight is broken up, Dan is obviously still not a fan of the Walkers.

This opinion of the Walker family is shared with Dan and Denise's adopted son, Colton Davidson. Colton even gets into a fight with August and Stella upon first meeting them, and it appears that he knew who they were based on his comments to Stella. So there's a real feud between the two families. Denise, for what it's worth, seems to be trying to keep the peace, though Liam didn't take it too well when she first showed up and was acting D.A.

In Sucker Punch, Serano was granted bail due to Liam's involvement in the case being questioned. Serano attempts to stop Dan from showing a video to the Rangers that might implicate him. He meets with Dan at the train station and Cordell tracks him down with Dan's license plate. After a car chase with Serano (that ends in Serano's death), Cordell admits to Denise that she's "sleeping with the enemy".