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Title Defend The Ranch
Episode 1.13
Aired June 10, 2021
Ratings 1.864mil - 0.31 (18-49)
Director Alex Pillai
Writer Seamus Kevin Fahey & Anna Fricke
Synopsis Walker’s past comes back with a vengeance and it threatens the very thing he loves the most – his family.
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Things open up right where they left off; Trevor, Clint and his gang cornering Cordell and Stella, with Liam shot and unconscious on the ground. At hearing the gunshot, Hoyt, August, and Abeline walk out and Abeline screams at the sight of Liam. Clint threatens them, and directs Trevor to grab Cordell’s holster.

Clint tells everyone to go inside, and Cordell begs to get help for Liam but Clint says no and that he’s dead now. They all go into the house, and Abeline pleads for Liam, but Clint still doesn’t listen and leaves Liam outside. Inside, they give up their phones and the gang clears the house of weapons as Trevor ties the family’s hands behind their backs. Clint says all he wants is his wife back. Cordell again asks what Clint wants, but Clint says he wants patience, but the first order is to have “Adrianna or whatever her real name is” to bring Jaxon to the house, but when Cordell calls her she says that she dropped him off this morning. Cordell tries to keep the conversation unsuspicious, and Micki reminds Cordell of his DPS hearing that afternoon.

Clint then asks Cordell to show him all the pretty horses, and they go down to the stables and Clint says it’s so that he can see what he has to lose as they head back to the house. Next, Bonham arrives home and sees one of Clint’s guards in his driveway with a gun. Bonham realizes this isn’t a good sign and grabs his shotgun and goes around the property. He finds Liam there and Liam stirs, as Bonham realizes Liam isn’t dead. Bonham takes him into the stables (by carrying him, because he's a badass) and tries to stop the bleeding and gives him some pain medication. Bonham takes his phone out and calls Micki, saying he needs help at the stables, but doesn’t go into more detail and the phone gets disconnected as Clint finds him. Abeline is with him and sees Liam is awake and talking and she screams and runs over to him.

In the house, Cordell tries to talk to Trevor, who is mad about his mother’s death. Clint walks back in with Bonham, Abeline, and Liam, as Clint directs his guys to take Liam to a back room. As Cordell asks again what Clint wants, Clint says he wants them to rob a bank, but he’s sitting this one out. Therefore, Clint sends Walker and Hoyt to a bank to rob it, followed by one of Clint’s guys as Clint stays back at the house with the family.

At the station, Micki goes to Captain James to tell him about the phone call with Bonham, and Captain James calls Cordell who seemingly acts normal, although they say he sounds a little bit off.

In the house, Liam screams as August and Stella yell at Trevor to let them help Liam, otherwise he’s going to die. Trevor says no one was supposed to get hurt, and Stella says that if he doesn’t want this to get worse, they will let them help Liam. Clint walks back in and Trevor pulls him aside and asks to help Liam. Trevor asks Clint what would his mom want, and Clint lets Stella and August go to Liam.

At the bank, Hoyt and Cordell pull up. Cordell apologizes to Hoyt, and Hoyt says he’ll kick his ass when this is all over. Cordell and Hoyt enter the bank, and Hoyt pretends he has Cordell hostage, as Hoyt asks for the money. Hoyt sees the security guard and gets his gun, which is loaded, so they can have it for protection back at the house. Clint calls the police about the robbery tipping them off, and Cordell and Hoyt hear sirens in the distance as the two make their escape.

The two wait under a bridge as cops pass above them, and as they go to cross back over the bridge they’re confronted by Micki, who is visibly upset and enraged. Hoyt and Cordell tell her what happened, but Cordell says to let him go so he can protect his family back at the house.

At the house, Clint talks to Abeline and Bonham, where Clint pockets a knife he found in a drawer (the knife she uses with Hoyt to hunt for mushrooms... oh no). In his pocket, he pulls out the pain pills he took from Bonham and realizes they’re not normal pills but ones for cancer, which is how Abeline finds out Bonham has been hiding his diagnosis.

Back in the room, Liam’s looking worse and is starting to say his goodbyes to August and Stella. Stella goes to Trevor and begs him to let her contact Trey, who is a medic. Trevor finally agrees, and they call Trey who video calls to look at Liam’s wound. After Trey sees him, he tells Stella to find something to cauterize the wound. August says that Bonham has a branding iron they can use. With Trey on the phone, he directs Stella and August to essentially operate on Liam and cauterize his wound, branding his shoulder. The scream Liam emits alerts Clint, who comes into the room and smashes the phone.

Cordell and Hoyt arrive back at the house with the money, and Cordell tells him it’s time to end this. Cordell, Hoyt, Bonham, Clint, and his men engage in a shootout. Stella hops into the car and runs over one of Clint’s men as Bonham shoots him. They have Clint cornered, and Hoyt says he thinks they got him. As Hoyt goes over to check, Clint pulls out the knife from earlier and stabs Hoyt. Everyone runs over to Hoyt, who tells the family how much he loves them. Hoyt tells Cordell that he always knew it would end this way, and he dies in their arms. Our hearts all collectively break.

Cordell gets up and faces Clint, who has a gun against Cordell’s head, and tells him he understands the revenge now. Cordell fights Clint, with obvious domination. Trevor, who has a gun, points it at the sky and sends a warning shot into the air.

Micki arrives, and hears the shot go off and calls for backup.

Trevor is pointing a gun at Clint and Cordell, and is conflicted. Micki arrives behind Trevor and tells him to put down the gun. Micki tells Trevor a story about seeing his mom Crystal, which we saw in a flashback in episode 12, A Tale of Two Families. Trevor asks Clint why he didn’t stop, and Trevor puts down the gun. Clint tries to rush for another gun and gets shot by Liam, who is standing at the front steps holding a gun. Cordell rushes over to Liam, as Trevor cries with Micki at the loss of his Dad.

Cordell sits on the front steps with Liam, August, and Stella, as Abeline and Bonham are with Hoyt’s body. In the distance, sirens are heard and cops are arriving at the Walker ranch.

Back at the station, Cordell walks into Captain James’s office. The two talk about the DPS hearing, and that Cordell is getting two weeks probation. Cordell says that’s not right (he deserved worse), and Captain James understands where Cordell is coming from.

At the end of the episode, Cordell walks out of Captain James’ office, leaving his badge on his desk. [1]


  • This episode was initially meant to be the season finale. When the show was picked up for a second season, the first season also added an additional 5 episodes, but they kept this episode as it was meant to be, with the following 5 episodes showcasing a different story.

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
I Feel A Good One Coming Jimmy Hunsucker Bonham carries Liam to safety.
Aim for the Heart Federale [Instrumental] Hoyt and Cordell take the Mustang.
Troubled Tracks Cowboy and Indian Hoyt and Cordell get ready in the Mustang and follow Hoyt's lead; (repeats) James gives Cordell his condolences; Cordell asks about his DPS hearing.
Brass Tacks (Brass Tacks 2013) Not In The Face Cordell and Hoyt rob the bank (oh no).
Willow Blackwater Holylight Cordell and Hoyt run into Micki and tell her what's going on.
Weapon of Choice Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Brawl at the Ranch turns into a standoff; Micki arrives, Liam shoots Clint.
Moon Begins Florist The Walker fam hugs it out now that things are over.


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