Denise Davidson

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Name Denise Davidson-Miller
Actor Amara Zaragoza (Tamara Feldman)
Episode(s) 2.01 They Started It

2.02 The One Who Got Away
2.04 It's Not What You Think
2.06 Douglas Fir

2.09 Sucker Punch


Denise is married to Dan Miller, and daughter of Gale Davidson. When she was younger, about thirteen, she lived with her family next to the Walker Ranch. One night, while out with Young Cordell, the barn they were in caught fire, and Denise's father died while saving the pair of them. After the fire, they blamed the Walker family (Specifically Cordell) for the fire, and they left Austin.

The Walker family remained, and now years later the Davidson's have returned. Denise doesn't seem to hold as much contempt for the Walkers as the rest of the Davidson's do, and even seems reasonable when first shown interacting with them. But her husband Dan, and their adopted son Colton Davidson, seem significantly less than impressed. Colton even gets into a fight with August and Stella upon first meeting them, and it appears that he knew who they were based on his comments to Stella. So there's a real feud between the two families. Denise, for what it's worth, seems to be trying to keep the peace, though Liam didn't take it too well when she first showed up and was acting D.A. (a position he'd been trying to gain).

In The One Who Got Away, Denise works with Liam to help Cordell and Capt. James attempt to take down Serano. After Cordell escaped the burning building (while trying to get files to help their case), Denise shows concern for Cordell due to their history involving the barn burning down. It's unclear if this concern is genuine, but she at least seems to like him enough to not wish him dead.