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Title Dig
Episode 1.17
Aired July 22, 2021
Ratings 1.983mil - 0.30 (18-49)
Director Richard Speight Jr.
Writer Seamus Kevin Fahey & Anna Fricke
Synopsis Walker and Micki investigate a bomb threat at the school that targeted Liam and Stan. Abeline and Bonham plan a vow renewal, and Trey’s mother comes for a visit.
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As Liam's opponent for the District Attorney election Stan Morrison welcomes Cordell back onto the force as a Texas Ranger, Cordell is tasked with escorting him to a local campaign event as the election looms. While sharing a photo opportunity before a debate, that happens to be at Stella and August's high school, Stan is particularly defensive with the press regarding recent mistakes the District Attorney has made while Liam is noticeably more open and willing to accept a degree of culpability. The photo op and planned debate are then interrupted when a bomb threat is called into the school, with Cordell and Micki investigating the matter.

Even with the bomb threat, Stella and August are excited for the school year nearing its close in an annual event known as Spirit Week, where everyone publicly announces their goals for the summer vacation. Stella uses the opportunity to goad her brother into revealing how he feels to his crush Ruby, but he dismisses the possibility and eventually turns Ruby down outright (after she gets a little too handsy, tbh). Cordell decides to take his children and their classmates to the Sidestep, with Geri running the bar and looking after them, while Cordell and Micki investigate the school further. As the two partners see memorabilia from his own high school history, Micki notices that her partner is spending more time talking with Geri lately.

Trey greets his mother into his home to meet Micki for the first time, who realizes that she has missed several days on her birth control pills and ponders what she and Trey would do if she became pregnant. Micki admits her concerns about balancing a potential family with her professional obligations before urging Cordell to do better for his past use of excessive force leading to his past ethics inquiries. Cordell takes this advice to heart, vowing not to let his second chance with the Rangers go to waste. And this is quickly put to the test when Cordell and Micki track down the bomb threat culprit (Travis Pike) at his home, with Cordell managing to talk down the suspect during an armed standoff before he is taken into custody.

Back at the ranch, Liam and Stan debate each other over a friendly barbecue, without the presence of the press, when Stella asks her uncle if he supports Cordell rejoining the Rangers. Given his past history, Liam admits in front of Stan that he personally felt his brother was not yet ready to reclaim the badge. Stan's visit at the ranch then comes to an unexpectedly violent end when he is confronted by the investigative reporter (Byron Santos) from the canceled debate while taking a call outside, resulting in Stan lashing out and accidentally killing the man when the line of questioning becomes more pointed about his office's links to the Northside Nation gang.

Cordell meets with Carlos Mendoza, the man originally convicted of murdering Emily after taking a guilty plea. Mendoza is on his deathbed with ALS and admits he agreed to take the plea deal after being promised that his family would be paid off by Stan for his taking the fall for the murder. Racing back to confront Stan, Cordell is intercepted by Stan's men and taken prisoner before turning the tables on his captors and holding Stan at gunpoint.[1]


  • When discussing Liam, Stan says: "Always the wayward son of Lonestar", which could very well be a reference to Supernatural and it's common use of the phrase "Wayward Son" (from the song Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas, the show's unofficial theme song).

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Sweeter Than the Scars Shinyribs Stan makes Cordell's return to the Rangers official (and acts creepy).
Nightlight Wiretree The Walker family hosts the Sacred High kids at the Side Step; Cordell and Geri reconnect.
Shakey Mama Blues Leopold and His Fiction Cordell and Micki search the school and spot photos of him in high school. Geri and Cordell text.
Love in a Cage William Luke White Isabel invites Stella to Mexico; Ruby invites August to her house.
Time to Go (feat. French for Rabbits) Lindsay Micki gives Cordell her mock DPS testimony.
Mary, Won't You Call Me Someone Rubber Band Gun High school kids still there having fun; Cordell and Micki discuss his need to face Carlos Mendoza.
Strangers Wingtip August and Ruby hanging out; music playing through speakers 'all the right vibes'; August turns her down and walks out.
Clozer Think No Think Stan and Byron get into a shoving match.
Slow Rise II Sun June At Micki's bungalow, Micki's looking forward to her future with Trey.
The Night Terror Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad Cordell disarms and takes out Stan's goons, then kidnaps Stan at gunpoint.


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