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Title Drive
Episode 1.18
Aired August 12, 2021
Ratings 1.862mil - 0.30 (18-49)
Director Steve Robin
Writer Seamus Kevin Fahey & Anna Fricke
Synopsis Walker’s world is shattered after receiving shocking news that changes everything.
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Holding Stan Morrison at gunpoint after learning he attempted to cover-up Emily's murder, Cordell realizes that Stan is in deep with the Northside Nation and asks if Stan himself personally killed Emily, which he denies as they go on the road. The rest of the Walker family arrives at Stan's home, completely unaware of what is transpiring and Stan's role in Emily's death. They enter the house after August finds the spare key outside. On the car ride, Stan confesses that he quietly flooded the streets with the drugs that the law confiscated, building up his own criminal empire while maintaining his civilian job with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

As Cordell and Stan pull over for gas, the latter takes the opportunity to secretly alert the Texas authorities that he has been taken hostage by the Texas Ranger. As he receives text messages and missed calls, Cordell confronts Stan about this. Stan then reminds Cordell that he has no evidence against him. Micki Ramirez calls Cordell to learn what has occurred while Liam is notified that his brother has evidently taken a hostage. Cordell is pulled over by apparent sheriff's deputies, only to realize they are crooked and trying to kill both him and Stan, with the latter targeted to prevent him from revealing more of Northside's activities. Barely surviving a firefight, Cordell decides to take Stan with him to the Texas-Mexico border so he can think of his next move.

Back at Stan's home, August finds evidence that Stan killed Emily in the form of the Walker family's poker chips that were in Emily's possession. The rest of the family are then quickly brought up to speed on what is happening. Micki and Trey take Carlos Mendoza from the hospital to prevent him from also being targeted by Northside, holding him at the Sidestep with Geri while they await someone who can formally take his testimony that he was paid off by Stan to claim he murdered Emily. Geri recalls to Micki that she was the first person to discover Emily's corpse before learning that Northside was laundering their dirty money through her bar, informing her decision to sell Sidestep to Cordell.

Cordell brings Stan to his family to admit what he did, with the disgraced DPS official recounting that Emily witnessed a drug deal at the border where Stan was present, resulting in her being shot by Cali. To prove to Northside that he was still loyal to them, Stan personally finished off Emily when the gang realized that he knew who she was; Stan kept the poker chips afterwards to always remember what he had done (and because he's the worst). Facing the full judgement of the Walker family, Stan decides to cooperate and be brought in by Cordell, accompanying him to the Texas Rangers headquarters the following morning.

As Cordell brings in Stan, a sniper gravely wounds Stan, and Cordell himself narrowly avoids getting killed when his bulletproof vest takes a stray round. After the ordeal, Cordell personally thanks his colleagues for believing in him rather than believing Stan's kidnapping claims. With the sniper still on loose and Northside just as powerful as ever, Captain James offers Micki an undercover assignment to infiltrate the gang when he learns Northside is still gunning for Cordell.

And as the Walker family faces the future together, Liam reveals he is more concerned with rekindling his relationship with Bret rather than continue his political ambitions while Bonham tells Abeline he's finally decided to reveal his cancer diagnosis to the rest of the family. In a contrast to the start of the series, Cordell and his children stand together after everything they've been through, with Cordell admitting that he's remained in Texas all his life because the Lone Star State will always be home, unaware that the entire family is being observed by a shadowy figure who has planted cameras all over the family ranch. And what the heck????[1]


  • Jared Padalecki revealed that he'd actually added that line on the day where I say, “Tell my family what happened.” Stating, 'Then, in that moment, it just occurred to me to say, “Tell Emily’s family.”'[2]

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
I Stay Ready Marshall The Walker family explores Stan's very nice house.
Good Days Dr JOE Bonham and Abeline pick their signature drink; Liam gets word Cordell took Stan hostage; August finds Emily's missing poker chip in Stan's house.
Keep on Coming Dr JOE Crooked cops stop fire on Cordell and Stan.
Heavenly Day Patty Griffin Micki hosts the mom-brunch!
Late Morning Lullaby Brandi Carlile The Walkers earned a summer together.


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