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This page will feature easter eggs of other shows (Supernatural, The 100, etc), or other little tidbits and references that have been spotted in each episode of Walker so far.

Season One

1.01 Pilot

Raven Reyes drawing
  • In the background of Micki's home it shows a room with many drawings, and one of these drawings is taken from a still of Raven Reyes, the character Lindsey Morgan previously played on The 100. It's confirmed in episode 4 that Micki is the artist.

1.02 Back in the Saddle

Carved initials
  • Emily gifts Cordell with a bag for his saddle, featuring their initials (CW and EW) carved into the leather. This could be a reference to the carved initials of Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural (carved into the Impala as well as a Men of Letters bunker table later).

1.03 Bobble Head

  • Emily's car is a 1967 candy apple red Ford Mustang Convertible. It is the base model and not a GT, and has a special Exterior Decor Group package visible by the blinkers on the hood, pop open gas cap and chrome across the trunk lid.[1] This could also be a reference to the 1967 Chevy Impala from Supernatural.

1.04 Don't Fence Me In

Winchester Auto
  • When August is looking through his dad's old phone, he scrolls past Winchester Auto, which is a reference to Supernatural (Jared Padalecki played Sam Winchester). Screencap provided by @winchstrbro on twitter.
  • While Micki and Cordell are interviewing the Harlan family, Bernard Harlan calls Cordell "Ranger Rick". This could also be a reference to Supernatural episode 7.09, "How To Win Friends and Influence Monsters", where one of the characters was named Ranger Rick Evans and asked to be called "Ranger Rick".
  • While the Rangers are toasting to Monty Shaw, and Cordell is getting a drink for himself and Micki, there's a star in the background that looks suspiciously like a pentagram. It's another possible shout out to Supernatural, as noticed by fans.
Jared and Gen tweet
  • Beth Broderick, who plays Mrs. Harlan, was also in an episode of Supernatural alongside Jared Padalecki. In 1.14, "Nightmare", she plays another widow named Alice Miller.
  • In this episode, Stella begins her community service working at the prison stables with other teens. This is most likely a reference to the character Genevieve Padalecki played in Wildfire, Kris Furillo, who also worked at prison stables years ago. During the episode's airing, they both tweeted in reference to this.

1.05 Duke

  • Cordell (as Duke) mentions to Twyla that his brother passed away ("I lost someone... my brother"). This is most likely a reference to Dean Winchester on the series Supernatural. And if this isn't a reference, it's a very fun coincidence.
  • Twyla Jean is from Bexar County in San Antonio, which is where Jared Padalecki (Cordell Walker) is from in real life. (Thank you @cordirez on twitter for spotting this!)
  • Cordell's undercover op "Operation Watch The Throne" is a similar name to episode 3.04 of The 100: "Watch the Thrones"

1.07 Tracks

  • August says "the only people who wear sunglasses indoors are idiots", which could be considered a potential reference to a line by Dean Winchester in Supernatural (Jared Padalecki's previous show), in episode 9x5: Dog Dean Afternoon, where he said: "You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people. And douchebags."

1.09 Rule Number 17

Jared's tweet about ep 9
  • Stella says to Cordell: "It feels like you're going hunting". This could be a reference to his previous role on Supernatural, where he played a hunter named Sam Winchester for 15 seasons. This was all but confirmed by Jared Padalecki himself while livetweeting the episode.

1.10 Encore

  • When Minnie gets up to perform while out with Micki and Cordell trying to find Rex, she speaks about Crossroad Blues by Robert Johnson. This is a reference to Supernatural, where that song--and crossroads in general--featured heavily in numerous episodes.

1.14 Mehar's Jacket

  • A main focus of this episode is the Walker family walking a "llama" back to their ranch. But it was revealed later in the episode that the "llama" (who ended up being pregnant and giving birth) was actually an alpaca the entire time (first noted by Bonham Walker upon their arrival at the ranch). This could be a reference to the Supernatural episode "The French Mistake", where Sam and Dean Winchester encounter an alpaca and Dean mistakes it for a camel.

1.15 Four Stones In Hand

  • When Cordell is on the phone with Micki, he says "Get this", before explaining something to her. This could very well be a reference to his character on Supernatural, Sam Winchester, who used "Get this" as a common phrase in numerous episodes, before explaining something.

1.17 Dig

  • When discussing Liam, Stan says: "Always the wayward son of Lonestar", which could be a reference to Supernatural and it's common use of the phrase "Wayward Son" (from the song Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas, the show's unofficial theme song).

Season Two

2.01 They Started It

  • Amara Zaragoza (Tamara Feldman), who plays Denise Davidson, previously worked with Jared Padalecki on the show Supernatural, in episode 2.04, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. She played Angela Mason in the episode.
  • Bryan Craig, who plays Spider, previously worked with both Matt Barr (Hoyt) in Valor, and Lindsey Morgan in General Hospital. He played Lindsey's brother in GH.

2.04 It's Not What You Think

  • Near the end of the episode, Bonham opens a box that was found with the Walker family crest. Inside is a map and a colt. The colt isn't the exact same as the one featured heavily in Supernatural, but it's a very similar gun, and it's believed to be a reference to the show.

2.05 Partners and Third Wheels

Jared's tweet
  • When Cordell is playing pool, the pool cue he's using was Sam Winchester's, directly from the Supernatural set, as confirmed by Jared Padalecki while he livetweeted.

2.08 Two Points for Honesty

  • Cordell says "I got work to do" as well as "We got work to do" (twice), which could be a throwback to Supernatural, because this was a common phrase associated with the show (specifically due to Dean and Sam both saying it multiple times).

2.10 Nudge

  • In this episode, Capt. James says "She's also got what it takes to force a moose like you into the trunk of a car", a reference to Jared Padalecki's former character Sam Winchester (Supernatural) being called "Moose" throughout the series.

2.13 One Good Thing

Jared's parents
  • In the beginning of the episode, when the Walker family is in court, Jared Padalecki's real parents can be seen in the background for a few shots, as confirmed during Jared's livetweeting.[2]

2.14 No Such Thing As Fair Play

  • In a recent interview with TVLine, Jensen Ackles mentioned he started the episode off “on a pile of bacon,” and that it was very Dean Winchester.
  • When Cordell asks Geri to go to the fair that the Rangers are having, he says that he hears Kansas is playing. Geri replies with, “Dust in the Wind?” Cordell laughs, and then when Geri walks off, he says, “That’s the song you think of?” We all know what song he was alluding to, “Carry On Wayward Son,” which has become the unofficial theme song of Supernatural.
  • The vintage green Coleman cooler makes an appearance, and that’s become quite a staple in the Supernatural world. The cooler made an appearance throughout Supernatural, including the last episode where it can be seen as Dean and Bobby talk. In the episode, Liam brings it out to Bonham and Abeline, telling them that he found it in Cordell’s things.
  • If you look at the beer that Liam pulls out of the green cooler, you’ll see that it’s the Larklair Tejas beer. In Season 1, Episode 17 “Hell House” of Supernatural, that’s the same brand of beer that Sam glues to Dean’s hand.
    Jensen Ackles's shadowy cameo
  • One of Radio Company’s (Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson) songs, “All My Livin’ Time” is playing in the background when Cassie and Cordell are talking at the fair.
  • As mentioned earlier, Kansas has “Carry On Wayward Son,” a song that has become synonymous with Supernatural. Well, they make an appearance in this episode and sing the beloved song, with the Walkers, Geri, Cassie, and everyone singing along. It felt nostalgic, and was definitely one of the highlights of the episode, seeing as how it was the plan to have them in the original finale of Supernatural but ended up not being able to due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • A little nod to another big part of Supernatural, Castiel, played by Misha Collins. Castiel’s human vessel was Jimmy Novak, and they threw in a little reference in the episode by having the auditorium that Kansas was playing at named “The Novak Memorial Auditorium.”

2.15 Bygones