Ed Manchester

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Name Ed Manchester
Actor Deke Anderson
Episode(s) 1.02 Back in the Saddle


We first see Ed in Episode 2. He is the owner of Manchester Fields. At the beginning of the episode, his stables are burnt with his horses inside. There was one death in the fire, a ranch hand named Matt Harmon. It is presumed that his prized horse, Texas Nightshade, perished in the fire. The horse is later found and retrieved by Cordell.

It was revealed that the fire was staged by Ed Manchester because Texas Nightshade had a broken leg and would not be able to race anymore. The jockey Jed was in on it with Ed, but could not go through with it because of his love for the horse. Manchester is apprehended when trying to flee on his private jet by Micki with the assistance of Cordell and Larry James.