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Title Encore
Episode 1.10
Aired May 6, 2021
Ratings 1.84mil - 0.3(18-49)
Director Stacey K. Black
Writer Blythe Ann Johnson
Synopsis With the Sidestep now in their name, Walker, Stella and August put their stamp on the place. Liam turns to Bonham for advice on a career move, while Micki and Trey work through the aftermath of his injuries after the hurricane. Stella confronts Clint about Trevor and his response prompts Stella to make a dangerous decision that will leave a permanent mark on the Walker family.
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At the start of the episode, we see Cordell, Liam, Bonham, August and Stella get to work on the Side Step, fixing it up and painting it. Micki and Trey are also there as August hangs up photos of Emily, Cordell and the kids.

The big reopening for the Side Step is coming up, and Cordell and the kids cheers as Cordell hands Stella the keys to Emily’s car as she received her license back. They also talk about how Geri’s been missing, but Cordell doesn’t lead onto what happened last episode (the kiss). Cordell also finds out that Trevor is gone, and Stella wants to drop it.

In Liam’s office, the district attorney lets Liam know he’ll be stepping down, and that he’s endorsing his friend Stan Morrison. Liam seems put off about the endorsement, and Stan tells Liam that when he becomes DA, he wants to help Liam move up. Stan asks Liam for his endorsement, and asks Liam to get back to him.

Back at the Side Step, Micki and Trey enter as Micki tells Cordell they have to go, but that Trey can stay and help August. At the station, the two start investigating grand larceny, where the suspect is stealing musical instruments. Cordell goes into full fanboy mode when Micki tells him the suspect is Minnie Jayne, who is a well-known musician.

At the stables, Stella enters looking for Trevor to see what happened to him. She enters the building where he’d been staying, and goes through his nightstand and belongings where she finds photos; some of Trevor as a kid, some of her and Trevor and one of Cordell as Duke, with Clint West and Trevor’s mom. There’s also one of Trevor at a house near Slaughter lane. As she’s leaving, she runs into Clint, who tells her to be careful.

At the station, Micki and Cordell are still investigating the case, and Cordell tells her that he and Geri kissed. Cordell says he’ll figure it out, and they talk more about Minnie.

Bonham and Liam are talking about Stan and running for DA. Liam tells Bonham that he could make actual change, not Stan. Bonham tells Liam to listen to his gut.

As August and Trey are cleaning up the Side Step, August throws Trey a bottle of liquor, and Trey realizes something is up with his hand still.

At the stables, Stella finds Clint and talks to him. Clint asks what she wants, and she said she wants to know where Trevor is. Clint asks how her Daddy is, knowing who he is. Clint asks if her brother is still taking pictures with that old camera, and he tells her to have patience and that they’re just getting acquainted.

Micki and Cordell go see Minnie play in Gruene, as Cordell’s really excited to listen to her. Micki questions her, asking her where she was for her alibi.

Stella goes to talk to Clint again, and they talk about Trevor. Stella lectures him on growing up without Trevor. Clint also threatens Stella, saying not to mention these talks to her Dad and that he’ll know if she does.

Cordell and Micki are investigating Minnie’s place, and find cameras as well as evidence to back up her alibi. They see the attic camera and that something’s off, before hearing noise and seeing someone come down from the attic. Cordell and Micki try to apprehend him, but he gets away, doing parkour over a fence. They bring the prints back to Minnie, who knows who it is — Rex. They met when he auditioned for the band, and Minnie tells Micki she can get her Rex but her record gets cleared.

Stella finally finds Trevor, before he tells her she needs to go as men jump out of an SUV and start to beat up Trevor. Stella jumps in the car, before scaring the men off and Trevor jumps in as they speed away. Trevor says it’s his Dad trying to send a message to him, and that he used Stella. Trevor says he cut off his Dad, too, and asks Stella if there’s too much history for them to work out.

Minnie, Micki and Cordell go to a bar (Hudson's on Mercer's) where Minnie gets called up on stage to play for the anniversary of Robert Johnson's "Crossroads". The lights go out as they realize Minnie was drugged. Micki goes to the green room, where she sees two security guards knocked out, and they realize the perp is probably dressed as security. Cordell and Micki corner Rex and they arrest him.

At the Hill Country Cattlemen’s Association Meeting, Liam talks to Stan, and says he can’t endorse him. Liam says he’s running for District Attorney as well. Bonham is there and pulls Liam away, and the two share a conversation before Bonham gets up on stage and brings Liam up, saying he’d make one hell of a DA.

Back at the Side Step, Micki and Minnie talk and Minnie tells her she wrote her a song and she’ll send it to her. Cordell comes out, as Minnie goes inside and on stage to celebrate the reopening of the Side Step. Cordell tells Micki that he’s been thinking a lot, and she says to him he has to trust his instincts. Micki goes back inside as Cordell makes a phone call, trying to call Geri but gets her voicemail, saying it’s full. Minnie plays on stage, as Trey walks up to Micki. The two dance and Trey says he wasn’t being real with her and that he has no idea if and when he’ll be cleared to drive.

Cordell dances with Stella and she tells him she loves him and that she’s tired, when he probes about what’s on her mind. Cordell’s phone buzzes and it’s Geri, saying Hoyt’s coming home tomorrow. Stella goes back to her car and Trevor is in the passenger seat. Stella says that August and her Dad look happy, and she pulls out of the Side Step. Trevor asks how to fix them, and Stella says she doesn’t know. She says for them to drive until they drive out of gas, until the sun comes up and they can figure it out next. The episode ends with the two of them driving away.[1]


  • When Minnie gets up to perform while out with Micki and Cordell trying to find Rex, she speaks about Crossroad Blues by Robert Johnson. This is a reference to Supernatural, where that song--and crossroads in general--featured heavily in numerous episodes.
  • Writer Blythe Ann Johnson named Minnie after her grandmother and great grandmother.

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Get Up Wiretree Opening of the episode
How'm I Gonna Find You Now James McMurtry Micki tells Cordell about the case from her past that involves Minnie Jayne.
Lovin' Days Denney and the Jets At the bar, Trey tells August about his first date with Micki.
Good Boy Crystall Monee Hall (Tameca Jones Cover) Micki and Cordell attend a Minnie Jayne show in Gruene.
Run Wild Thutmose, NoMBe Micki and Cordell attempt to stop Minnie's home invader before he can get away with a guitar. Parkour.
You're on Your Own Constant Smiles Trevor explains to Stella why he left and why his father's goons were after him.
Better With You Crystal Monee Hall (Michl cover) Ending scenes while Minnie sings. Walker and Stella dance together before Stella runs off with Trevor.


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