Fine Is A Four Letter Word

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Title Fine Is A Four Letter Word
Episode 1.08
Aired April 8, 2021
Ratings 2.11mil - 0.5 (18-49)
Director Stacey K. Black
Writer Katherine Alyse
Synopsis A tornado touches down in Austin and it’s all hands on deck to keep the kids and community safe. Walker, Micki, and Trey rush to the school where Stella, August and Ruby are at a school dance. Bonham and Abeline stop at a store for supplies where old memories resurface and the two are forced to discuss their marriage. Meanwhile, Liam and Bret get trapped in an elevator and everything Liam has been carrying on his shoulders gets the best of him and he makes a rash decision.
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In the week since his visit to Mexico with Captain Larry James, Liam Walker has grown paranoid and has begun sleeping in his office, avoiding his fiancé Bret and the rest of his family. Confiding in Micki, the Texas Ranger tells the lawyer that they need to come clean with Cordell about Emily's killer still being on the loose and now targeting him. Cordell himself is busy preparing for his daughter's high school dance, quietly grieving that Emily never got the chance to see Stella off to her first big dance. Taking up Micki on her advice, Liam arranges a meeting with Cordell to tell him the truth, while Bret expresses his concerns for Liam's wellbeing.

As Cordell arrives and Micki and Trey Barnett's place for game night, it's apparent that Micki hasn't revealed the truth about her mother to her boyfriend yet. This awkward conversation is interrupted by a severe tornado warning, which has resulted in the high school dance being nearly completely deserted. Cordell arrives at the dance with Micki and Trey (and his two pizzas) in tow to make sure the kids are alright. Liam, for his part, is trapped in his office elevator with Bret when the power goes out. Elsewhere, Bonham and Abeline gather supplies at a local general store to help their sons, and it's clear that their own marital troubles aren't completely resolved when he has a tense conversation with the store owner Gary, who is one of her ex-lovers.

In the elevator, Liam begins to freak out and lies to Bret about what really happened in Mexico, telling him that he got drunk and hooked up with a bartender in an effort to force a break-up; Bret, though, refuses just as Bonham and Abby rescue them. Back at the dance, Bonham talks to Liam about the issues he has with Bret while realizing he has unresolved feelings over Abby's past infidelity that he still has to confront. As Bret refuses to reconcile with Liam to take some time apart, Abby and Bonham finally come clean about their issues.

When Stella, August, Ruby, Trevor and Isabel attempt to make the best of a dance despite a natural disaster, Stella discovers Trevor's prison visitor pass that he left in his jacket pocket after meeting with his dad (Clint West) beforehand. Realizing Trevor is the son of one bank robber busted by Walker, Stella storms out. Trevor, though, soon convinces her to dance and put their families' feud aside for the night. The dance proves to be all too brief, and Trevor is unable to stay with Stella now that the truth about his dad is out.

At the end of "Fine Is a Four Letter Word," Cordell gets embroiled on his own rescue mission, with him and his impromptu partners helping people caught in the storm. While saving drivers from downed power lines, Micki flashes back to the trolleys that her and her adoptive mother used to watch growing up, triggering a panic attack. Unable to contain the secret any longer, Micki reveals the truth about her mother to Trey, who initially is frustrated that Cordell knew all along, even though he didn't. As Micki and Trey reconcile back at the high school, Cordell points out to Liam that a teacher at the dance (Julie Bramlett) asked him out. This is upended when Liam finally tells the truth that Emily's murderer is still out there, The episode ends with an emotionally devastated Cordell prepared to step up find justice for his wife once and for all.[1]


  • Jim Spencer portrays the newscaster/weatherman on television reporting he tornado. In real life, he was a weatherman on KXAN (in Austin) for 30 years. He retired in early 2021.

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
It's Better to Spend Money Quiet Company Trevor and Stella are getting ready for the dance
Time Undone Kalu & The Electric Joint Bret arrives at Liam's office to take him to dinner
Nobody's Favourite Mobley The school dance is starting, and a tornado warning is in effect oh no!
Way Over My Head Love Taps, Chi Duly, Melika Cordell meets Julie Bramlett and heads out with Micki and Trey to save Ruby's grandpa
Looking For Tres Oui August and Isabel go into the dance, Stella and Trevor follow
Loneliness Pt. II Aaron Taos, Spill Tab Bonham gives Liam good advice about love
Follow You Pretty Hectic Trevor's father/Duke connection is revealed
Dust Bowl John Evans Trey saves trapped woman in vehicle before being hit by debris
I Don't Wanna Dance Celine Cairo Abeline and Bonham dance, Trevor and Stella have a final dance while crying
So Quickly Secrecies Liam finally tells Cordell the truth about Emily's murderer. So much pain.


Lead/Recurring Characters

Guest Stars

  • Bri Marie Korin as Injured Jeep Driver
  • Gavin Casalegno as Trevor Strand
  • Jessica Irvine Drake as Julie Bramlett
  • Jim Spencer as News Reporter
  • Madelyn Kientz as Ruby
  • Mindy Raymond as Unconscious Passenger
  • Tony Bentley as Joe Cofield
  • Yanis Kalnins as Gary

Episode Stills

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