Four Stones In Hand

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Title Four Stones In Hand
Episode 1.15
Aired June 24, 2021
Ratings 1.082mil - 0.17 (18-49)
Director Tessa Blake
Writer Paula Sabbaga
Synopsis Micki’s real mother, Mercedes, tries to make amends with her daughter but Micki doesn’t want anything to do with her. Walker steps in to help and lands in a heap of trouble. Meanwhile, August suffers from PTSD after what happened at the Ranch.
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Liam catches his brother listening in on police band radio and expresses his concerns for Cordell and all they've experienced lately, with Liam challenging him to solve a Rubik's Cube over the course of the day to prove he's not overly preoccupied with his life-changing decision. Opening up the Sidestep, Cordell meets with Micki before his old partner has an awkward meeting with her estranged biological mother Mercedes Ruiz at the bar. Micki is still visibly upset that she just learned about her true parentage after Adriana confessed she was actually her biological aunt, warning Cordell not to involve himself in the matter.

Despite Micki's warning, Cordell meets with Mercedes privately and decides to investigate a scammer that interfered with her reconciling with Micki. Caught breaking into a home that Mercedes tipped off Cordell, and an old law enforcement colleague of Cordell's (Officer Randall) has little choice but to take his old friend into custody. Confronting Cordell while he's held in lockup, Micki is incensed that she learned he spoke with Mercedes before he's released after his charges are dropped. As Micki and Mercedes bond at a narcotics anonymous meeting, Micki suspects Mercedes's sponsor Joy Caldwell of stealing proof that Mercedes was genuine in trying to reach out to her daughter. After Cordell obtains evidence, Micki arrests the fraudulent sponsor, and she is confronted by her victims, Mercedes included.

As Stella and August return to high school for the first time since the family ordeal, they discover word has already gotten out among their classmates. While checking in on his old stomping grounds at the school's A.V. club, August accidentally causes microphone feedback, which triggers a traumatic flashback to the gunfight on the ranch and Hoyt Rawlins's death. By lunch, August is back to putting on a brave face in front of his classmates, but Stella is disgusted by his behavior exploiting the tragedy. Confronting her brother back in the A.V. club room, Stella and August argue about how they're each coping and accidentally broadcast it to the entire school over the P.A. system, with Isabel confessing to Stella afterward (after an argument between the two girls, due to Stella not telling Isabel about anything going on) that she has feelings for August.

As Micki reaches out to Mercedes, her mother moves to continue her own addiction rehabilitation, now taking point on the narcotics anonymous meeting. As Cordell finally solves the Rubik's Cube (by cheating), he reveals that he quietly absconded some of the letters Mercedes wrote to Micki that were intercepted by her sponsor, giving them to his partner so she can gain perspective on her mother. Micki meets with Mercedes after her meeting, touched that her mother still wrote to her even after discovering she was being scammed.

Abeline takes a reluctant Bonham to an oncologist, with him worried that the grandchildren will find out about his cancer diagnosis before storming out of the meeting when he hears the potential side effects from his planned treatment. After being scolded by Abeline back at the ranch, Liam attempts to mediate a follow between his parents before Bonham admits he's concerned about the burden that his treatment would cause for Abeline. As Bonham agrees to proceed with treatment, Cordell bonds with Liam and Micki over drinks back at the ranch as they contemplate their own next steps.[1]


  • In this episode, August says "it's that quiet A/V guy we keep on referring to as 'Arlo' for whatever reason" when referring to himself. This is most likely a reference to the original name for his character being Arlo, before it was changed to August.
  • When Cordell is on the phone with Micki, he says "Get this", before explaining something to her. This could very well be a reference to his character on Supernatural, Sam Winchester, who used "Get this" as a common phrase in numerous episodes, before explaining something.
  • The scene with Abeline and Bonham in "the place they met" was the Driskill Hotel, as mentioned in episode 7 Tracks. This hotel was completed in 1886 and is the oldest operating hotel in Austin, Texas. It is also considered to be haunted.

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Deceit The Black Delta Movement Cordell and Micki chat about her mom at the Sidestep.
Cloud Kate Davis Ruby attempts to comfort August
Weak Melat Bonham tells Abeline why he doesn't want to go through with cancer treatment
Never Makes a Sound Jonathan Terrell Cordell thanks Micki and Liam for keeping him on track as they drink.


Lead/Recurring Characters

Guest Stars

  • Andre Williams as Officer Randall
  • Arthur Marroquin as Doctor
  • Audrey Casson as Cute Girl
  • Cassie Stewart as Alice
  • Evea Kinsey as Lexie
  • Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Joy Caldwell
  • Gabriela Flores as Isabel Muñoz
  • Guinevere Govea as Ari
  • Leticia Jimenez as Mercedes Ruiz
  • Madelyn Kientz as Ruby
  • Mandy McMillian as Connie
  • Martin Ezelle as Bill
  • Matthew Paul Martinez as Casey (as Matthew Martinez)
  • Michelle Elaine as Sheriff's Deputy

Episode Stills

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