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Title Freedom
Episode 1.11
Aired May 13, 2021
Ratings 1.778mil - 0.35 (18-49)
Director Alex Pillai
Writer Geri Carillo
Synopsis Walker and Geri are both unsure of their feelings for each other after their kiss and things get very complicated when Hoyt comes home from prison. However, the welcome home party is interrupted when Micki and Walker get word that Clint West is on the run.
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The episode starts out at the Side Step, where August is filming Cordell giving a welcome home speech for Hoyt. Cordell checks his phone and receives a text from Geri, and it flashes back to their kiss from a few episodes earlier. Cordell calls Micki, who is outside with Trey waiting for Hoyt and Geri to arrive. Trey and Micki share a moment where Micki tells him the past few months have been hectic but he’s the most reliable person in her life. Trey expresses concern with being upfront about himself, and Micki says he can rely on her for a change.

Hoyt and Geri pull up to the Side Step, and Hoyt thanks Geri for coming and that she deserves more from him. Geri’s acting distant, and it’s easy to see it’s because of what happened with Cordell. Hoyt stops her when they get out of the car and asks if he did something wrong, and she tells him he didn’t do anything wrong. As they open the door, the Walker family and friends greet him as Cordell slams him to the ground saying it was payback.

We see a prisoner bus on the road, and Clint nods back to Jaxon as the next shot shows a gang of bikers pull out behind the bus — something is definitely about to go down.

Micki walks up to Geri in the Side Step and says congrats about Hoyt coming up, and Geri is drinking alone, saying this isn’t exactly the stuff of fairy tales. (We wish Micki and Geri had more scenes together, #weshipit)

On the other side of the bar, Cordell texts Stella asking her to come by. Hoyt walks up to Cordell, asking what’s going on with Geri. Cordell says he doesn’t know, but that she helped take out Emily’s killer. Cordell asks August where Stella is, but he doesn’t know either. Stella texts Cordell back, saying she’s with Isabel, but we see her next to the car as Trevor comes out of a store. Stella says she’ll miss the soccer game, and that they drove all night to get away from Clint’s plans. Trevor tells her to turn her phone off so no one tracks her location, and they need to use cash only so no one can track their bank activity. Criminal mastermind?

At the Side Step, Cordell and Geri dance as Hoyt dances with Abeline. Geri tells Cordell they need to talk, and Cordell says he knows, but he’s had a lot going on with his DPS hearing tomorrow. Geri says to tell Hoyt now, and Cordell fights her on it saying it’s not a good time. Hoyt gets up on the bar next, and points to Geri. He says that she’s his rock and offers to marry her again with one of those plastic rings he makes.

Micki gets a text and runs to Cordell, telling him a prison bus crashed — and Cordell tells her that’s the bus that Clint is on. Micki and Cordell pull up to a bank, and Cordell says that Clint has friends everywhere.

Back with Stella and Trevor, the two pull up to a cabin, which Trevor says they went to as a kid.

Back at the Walker’s house, Hoyt and Abeline walk in and see Liam talking with a reporter about his run for DA. In the kitchen, Abeline and Hoyt are making sandwiches as he talks about his concerns with Geri. Hoyt says that she deserves more than he can give, and Abeline goes into a drawer and pulls out a ring. She tells Hoyt to take the ring and that he’d be doing her and Bonham a favor. Apparently she was wearing that ring when she met Bonham at the Driskill Hotel, and she broke off her engagement to Marv Davidson the next day.

With Stella and Trevor, inside the house Trevor tells a story about the fireplace and reaches inside it, pulling out a bag of cash with a gun. Stella says she thought they were just laying low and taking a break, but Trevor says they’ll soon be out of their grasps. Stella says she can’t leave their family forever, but Trevor needs to move forward.

At the bank, Micki and Cordell see someone pull up on a motorcycle and they follow them in, but it’s not Clint or Jaxon, just a guy with great hair. Cordell asks to see a safety deposit box, and the bank teller tells Cordell that the owner of the box was in and they just missed him and that he left a message in for a scavenger hunt or something. Inside the box was the message, “Keep the circles small and the lies honest, Duke.”

Micki and Cordell go to the prison and see Twyla. Micki thinks it will be more productive if she leaves, and Cordell sits down to talk to Twyla and she learns that he’s a Ranger. She asks if anything was real, and he tells her that he lost his wife not long before he met her.

Back at the lake house, Stella has a nightmare about Trevor shooting the gun and that she doesn’t feel safe. She wants to go back home and Trevor says that if Cordell didn’t go undercover, his mom (Crystal) might still be alive. Trevor says he needs to clear his head and she needs to figure out what she wants, and she said she wants him and she loves him.

Liam shows Abeline the article that was written, and at the end of the article said some negative things about Liam’s family and private life. Abeline says he’s sacrificed enough and that the family can own their own mistakes.

Cordell asks Twyla what Clint would want at the bank, and what his plans are. Twyla tells him to leave, and he has no qualms about being left behind by Clint and Jaxon, and she said men only need her when they need something. Cordell promises to check in on her in the future, and as she leaves, Twyla tells her about some cabins that Clint used to take their kid to. Micki then runs in and shows the visitor logs and they discover that Trevor is Clint’s son and they have to find Stella.

We see Stella next waiting for Trevor to come back, as he runs into the house and hugs her and apologizes. Trevor throws the bag of money and passports into the fireplace and sets it on fire, citing a fresh start.

Cordell talks to August and tells him to call him if he sees Stella. Cordell also learns she wasn’t with Bel and that she lied to him and she’s not answering his texts. Micki says that Trevor protected Stella before and won’t hurt him, but Cordell doesn’t believe it.

Stella and Trevor walk into the living room and see smoke, noticing the chimney really was broken. The two hear a car pull up, and someone walks in with a gun as Stella and Trevor pull a bed against a door and break open a window to get out. Trevor tells Stella to run as she gets out, and Trevor gets pulled back into the house. Walker and Micki arrive at the house, and calls out for Stella and Trevor. They hear a gunshot go off, and Cordell and Micki take off after it as we see Jaxon shooting at Stella. Stella has the gun that Trevor gave her and she shoots, grazing Cordell’s shoulder. Jaxon tackles Cordell and the two fight (even though Cordell only has one good arm, 'cause he's just that good) as Stella watches on screaming for help. Micki arrives and pulls Jaxon off of Cordell before he backs her into a tree. Micki sweeps his legs, knocking him to the floor. Help arrives and Jaxon gets arrested while Cordell gets his shoulder looked at, but no idea where Trevor is. Cordell asks Stella about everything and that she should have told him about Trevor being Clint’s son and that she could have been hurt or worse. She said she just wanted to help Trevor, and Cordell tells her to get in the car and it’s been a long day and they need to get home.

Micki gets home and goes to lay in bed with Trey. She asks where his car is, and he says he started to feel dizzy when he was about to drive home (and Micki chimes in and says he’s not supposed to be driving) and that August and Bel ended up driving him home. Trey also nonchalantly tells Micki that the team won states, and the two celebrate.

Cordell and Stella are driving home and Cordell tells her he understands why he did it and that she loves him. The two share a sweet conversation about first loves, and Stella asks if Cordell wants to go somewhere this summer. She says that mom said they could take a senior road trip but it was supposed to be a girls trip, but she doesn’t mind that it’s her dad instead.

Next we see Hoyt, who’s laying out hearts made of plastic rings. He’s down on one knee when Geri walks in, and tells her with her by his side he has a reason to live. He presents her the ring that Abeline gave him and asks her to marry him. However, Geri says she can’t marry him and he says she makes him a better man. She tells him then that she kissed Cordell, and he says if it was just one kiss they can move past it. He says he loves her and he’s in a forgiving mood, and he asks if it matters more to her. She says she doesn’t know, but he should. She says he knows he’s looking to change and she is too, but she doesn’t know if that’s something they can do right together. Hoyt gets up and asks when the kiss happened, and she says the last month and Hoyt storms out to talk to Cordell.

At Abeline and Bonham’s house, Liam looks upset and Abeline asks him what’s wrong. Liam says he read the comments, and Abeline says, “Never read the comments.” (True true) The door opens and Hoyt walks in, and Abeline asks where Cordell is. Abeline hugs him seeing him upset, as Cordell and Stella pull up to the house.

Next we see Clint driving a truck down a dirt road, before the camera pans to black.[1]


Jared's tweet
  • While livetweeting the episode, Jared Padalecki revealed that the scene of Micki and Cordell at the gas station (while filling up and discussing what to do about Trevor being Clint's son) was filmed at the same location that he'd shot Friday the 13th (2009).
  • Writer Geri Carillo named the bank teller "Elizabeth", after her mother.

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Before They Pass Woods Cordell attempts to reply back to a text message from Geri while recording the video message for Hoyt
The Sacred & the Profane Shinyribs Geri arrives at Side Step with Hoyt, surprise party ensues
Now and Then Natural Child Micki attempts to talk to Geri about her and Hoyt while at the party.
Warm Alaska Reid Stella and Trevor make up then burn Clint's things.
Mavis Nathaniel Rateliff Hoyt proposes to Geri, she says no and reveals the truth about her kiss with Cordell. Dun dun DUNNNN.


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