Gale Davidson

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Name Gale Davidson
Actor Paula Marshall
Episode(s) 2.01 They Started It

2.03 Barn Burner

2.06 Douglas Fir


The Matriarch of the Davidson family. She's the mother of Denise Davidson, mother-in-law to Dan Miller, and grandmother of Colton Davidson. Years ago, the Davidson family lived next to the Walker Ranch. One night, while Young Denise was out with Young Cordell, the barn they were in caught fire, and Denise's father Marv (Gale's husband) died while saving the pair of them. After the fire, the Davidsons blamed the Walker family (Specifically Cordell) for the fire, and they left Austin. The Walker family then bought the Davidson land.

The Walker family remained, and now years later the Davidson's have returned. Gale still blames Cordell for the fire, and when she initially greets Abeline and Bonham for the first time since arriving back in town, she seems less than thrilled to be in their presence.

When Cordell is speaking with Denise, Cordell calls Gale "demanding", to which Denise replies: "I was gonna say 'a real bitch', so let's go with 'demanding.'" And when Colton is in the principal's office with August and Stella (after the fight), Colton mentions that he said to Stella that "she's an entitled princess and their family blamed other people for their problems", to which Denise responds by saying "He has been talking to his grandmother again." So based on this, it's obvious that Gale has a lot of disdain and anger toward the Walker family.

Before being married to Gale, Marv Davidson had been engaged to Abeline, but she broke off the engagement and married Bonham.