Geri Broussard

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Name Geraldine Broussard
Nickname(s) "Geri"
Actor Odette Annable / IMDB
Dates March 24, 1984 (Age 37)
Occupation Owner/Bartender at the Side Step
1st Appearance 1.01 Pilot
  • Cordell Walker (friend)
  • Emily Walker (friend, deceased)
  • Micki Ramirez (new friend)
  • Hoyt Rawlins (ex-boyfriend, deceased)
  • About the Character

    The CW's official character description: "the bartender at a local bar called the Side Step. Geri is described as "an old friend of Walker and his late wife, Emily, who hasn't seen Walker since Emily's funeral. It's clear that she and Walker have a history — a friendship and a shared tragedy."


    Brian Bowen Smith/CW

    Geri was a close friend of Cordell's wife, Emily Walker. The two women often took trips to the border, to deliver food and water to stations in that area.

    Cordell and Geri lost touch while he was away for 10 months on an undercover assignment, but now that he's returned to Austin, their tentative friendship is reforming. They both mourn the loss of Emily, and have used a lot of their time chatting to discuss things they miss about her. In episode two, Cordell informs Geri that he was still trying to find answers over his wife's murder, namely the fact that her eyes had been closed. Geri reveals that it was her who'd closed Emily's eyes, due to her love for her friend.

    Not much else is known about Geri.