Hoyt Rawlins

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Name Hoyt Rawlins
Nickname(s) Uncle Hoyt By Cordell's kids
Actor Matt Barr / IMDB
Dates 1980s - 2021 (deceased)
Occupation Criminal, Odd Jobs, Stripper
1st Appearance 1.03 Bobble Head
  • Cordell Walker (childhood best friend)
  • Geri Broussard (ex-girlfriend)
  • Abeline Walker (close friend)
  • "If by 'hold a flame,' you mean 'madly in love', she's Lady Liberty."
    ―Hoyt to Cordell about Geri in Bobble Head

    About the Character

    The CW's official character description: "Described as "Hill Country’s Han Solo” and a “Lonestar lothario” who finds himself on the opposite side of the law from his pal.


    Hoyt and Cordell went to high school together, and have known each other (and Emily) for years. He played football alongside Cordell, and it is stated in episode 3 that he's had a "rough life". We first catch up with him again after a significant amount of time has passed. Throughout the years, he's worked odd jobs in an attempt to save up enough money to move back to Texas.

    He has a special bond with Cordell's mother Abeline, who he affectionately refers to as "Abby Bear". He's rough around the edges, snarky, and charming in his own right. And even being friend with a Ranger, he's willing to commit crimes (though he'll never tell Cordell about them if asked).

    Ultimately, he gets arrested by Micki and Cordell after working with an arms dealer named Sharon Torreto (and stealing Micki's truck... and a butcher shop's truck). Sometimes tough love is exactly what someone needs.

    In the sixth episode of season 1 (Bar None), he is tasked by Liam and Capt. Larry James, while in prison, to learn more about fellow prisoner Carlos Mendoza, the man arrested for the murder of Emily Walker. Hoyt learns that they might have put the wrong man away and decides to help, aiding the men in discovering that Carlos Mendoza has ALS, which is a deadly disease. This discovery, along with Carlos's niece receiving repeat payments for art, from an address in Austin, leads them to believe that Carlos and his niece are being paid hush money so Carlos will take the fall for the murder.

    After being released from prison, he proposed to Geri in Freedom, only to be turned down. Geri cited her kiss with Cordell as a reason for her refusal to marry Hoyt, and Hoyt went to the Walker Ranch to confront Cordell about it at the end of the episode. The confrontation was interrupted by Clint's arrival with his goons (and Trevor). After Hoyt was forced to rob a bank with Cordell (while Clint had the Walker family hostage), there was a shootout between the Walker family and Clint and his goons. Unfortunately, Hoyt was killed by Clint with a stab wound to his abdomen at the end of the episode Defend The Ranch, but Hoyt's spirit lives on in the adorable baby alpaca that was introduced in Mehar's Jacket, named by August.

    Hoyt's last will and testament