Interview With Jeffrey Nordling

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Exclusive: Our Interview With Jeffrey Nordling (Stan Morrison)

August 11th, 2021

We were fortunate enough that the fantastic Jeffrey Nordling took time out of his busy schedule to speak with us. We chat about Stan Morrison's relationship with the Walker family, the atmosphere on set, and how to prepare for the season finale! Check out the video! If you're unable to view the video for whatever reason, we've also provided a transcript below (edited for readability).


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TRISTAN (WALKER WIKI): So we took some questions from fans, so these are all fans submitted questions. And there were a lot of compliments to the type of character that Stan is, and how well you play a character that's so... you don't really know if you can trust him. You don't know how you feel about him. There's something going on all season, and you you want to like him and root for him, but you can tell there's more.

JEFFREY NORDLING: So, how many episodes have these fans--and yourselves--seen?

BOTH: Everything but the last one.

JN: You saw the penultimate one.

SHANNON (WALKER WIKI): Yeah, Stan had a bad time.

JN: Stan had a bad day.

TWW: Yeah, it looks like Stan's gonna have more of a bad day, in the finale.

SWW: So, in regards to that; it's obvious, despite the type of character that he is he, he does love the Walker family in his own way.

JN: Absolutely.

SWW: So how do you approach portraying that, and what initially attracted you to this type of role?

JN: I love these kinds of roles. I love multi-layered, complicated roles. They make it worthwhile, it's fun to do. Yes, absolutely they are dear friends. I mean, I saw the kids grow up. I knew Cordell when he was a kid, (Stan's) friends with his dad so. But if things were to go awry--maybe in the last episode, you can look back and you can say the times that he spent in the last year with the Walker family were genuine. They're friends, and there's some things you can compartmentalize. History's proven that.

SWW: How did he come to be so close to the family? You said he watched the kids grow up, and he was even at (Cordell) Walker's intervention. So how did he get to be that close? Do you know anything about his background?

JN: I'm friends with his dad. Yeah, we've been friends for years. We're probably friends since before Cordell was born. We had a funny backstory that that Mawline (Abeline Walker) and I dated before, before they got together. So there's a long history, yes.

SWW: When were you actually made aware... the type of path that Stan would take throughout the season? Did you know from day one, audition day, or is this something that you learned over the course of the season?

JN: Well, when I got the call and they asked me to do it, I wanted more information and had (a) conversation, and... yeah. I knew from day one.

TWW: I know you're not going to really be able to tell us much, but are you able to tell us if there's a possible return in season two, and if there might be some redemption for Stan? This could be treading into waters that you're not allowed to get into...

JN: Yeah, I think if I answer any part of that it's, it's a spoiler.

TWW: What was the most rewarding aspect of filming season one, and what was the most challenging?

JN: The most rewarding part was that everybody--and I mean everybody--was just wonderful to be on set with. I've been doing this a long time, and I've had my share of people but when you get everybody--there's not one sour apple. Sour, bad, whatever. It really makes for a good time and it's a great energy on set. I'd say we had some challenging conditions. We had lots and lots of rain. After that we had some pretty intense heat and humidity, which might get to the most challenging... Look I grew up on the East Coast, I grew up with weather. But I've lived in LA now for so many years and I'm such a wimp. I'm like "Oh my god it's so hot and humid here, oh man". The heat kicked my ass, it did.

Oh, sorry, no, no. Hands down the most challenging part was that we shot most of this season during COVID. I mean the quarantines every time we went back and forth and the redundancies. And traveling itself is such an effort these days, so that was hands down (the) most challenging.

TWW: Lastly, what would you say to Walker fans that are getting prepped to watch the finale?

JN: Buckle up. I think that's great.

TWW: That's pretty on the nose.

SWW: It's gonna be a wild ride.

JN: It's gonna be a fun ride. It was a fun ride.

TWW: It's been such an incredible show and, we don't have the experience obviously, but the the cast all seem great. And there's such great chemistry, and everybody says the same things that you did. That it's just a fun set with lots of really great people.

JN: Yeah, lots of stories being told. But, between between me and Mitch (Pileggi) and Jared (Padalecki)--who's much younger than both of us--but he's probably been on a TV set more than we have. He's just lived on a TV set.

TWW: (For 40 years of Supernatural). Those are all the questions that we have, but we just really want to thank you again for taking this time. And it's just been such a wonderful time watching Stan wreak havoc.