Interview With Violet Brinson

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Exclusive: Our Interview With Violet Brinson (Stella Walker)

April 12th, 2021

We were fortunate enough to have a Zoom interview with Violet Brinson, who portrays Stella on Walker. We chat about working with Lindsey Morgan, Stelbel, that pivotal turning point with Trevor, and what's coming next. Check out the video! If you're unable to view the video for whatever reason, we've also provided a transcript below (with a few very minor edits for readability).

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SHANNON (WALKER WIKI): The first question that we've been kind of consistently asking each cast member that we interview is: what drew you to the role of Stella?

VIOLET BRINSON: I just love how fierce and stubborn she is. She has so much love and passion for her little brother and her family, and I really admire that. And she's going through a really tough period in her life, she has a lot of grief, and she doesn't entirely know how to process it and she's acting out. And I just felt like, when I first read the script in the pilot, I just felt so much sympathy for her, so I'm just really grateful that I get to help portray her.

TRISTAN (WALKER WIKI): I mean you do it beautifully. You do such a good job week over week, especially last night. Last night we really got to see more of Stella. You have some serious talent.

VB: Oh, thank you.

SWW: So recently we got to see you share the screen with Lindsey Morgan. What was it like finally getting to work with her after not sharing much screen time in earlier episodes?

VB: I love Lindsey. She's so funny and sweet and talented, so it was really exciting getting to have some scenes with her. And just getting to work with her, she's so talented and she's so great and she has so much charisma. It's so fun getting to watch her work.

SWW: Kind of tying into that: how does having multiple strong women in the cast transform the dynamic on Walker? Is there a sense of mentorship?

VB: Yeah, I definitely think having so many women on Walker, there's definitely a different dynamic than otherwise would have been. I mean, from Anna (Fricke) who's our writer and our executive producer, to Molly (Hagan) and Lindsey and Gen (Padalecki). They're all so incredibly kind and funny and strong. I'm still pretty new to the business, so getting to see all these great female role models is really exciting for me, and I just hope that I can have a little bit of what they have when I'm older.

SWW: We're sure you will. In the most recent episode, we saw a big turning point with Stella discovering who Trevor's father really is. When did you know where that was going?

VB: I did think that it foreshadowed some rocky waters when we found out that Trevor was Clint's son. And there's definitely still some rocky waters to come, but it's all very exciting and thrilling and there's a lot of drama and twists and turns to come, so it'll be fun.

SWW: We know you can't spoil anything, but is there anything you can tease for upcoming episodes?

VB: Oh gosh, there's definitely some ups and downs, some unexpected things happening, and I'm just really excited for everybody see it because it was really fun to film.

SWW: So Walker has established a very devoted fan base already. Are you aware of it, and do you and the cast discuss that?

VB: Yeah, I think we're all really aware of it because the fan base is why we get a season two, it's the people who tune in and get to watch the episodes. So we're all very aware of it, and super grateful and appreciative for everyone who loves the show so much because we love it too. And they're the reason we get to do it.

SWW: The next question, it's okay if you don't want to answer. Fanfiction and shipping are very popular in fandoms, and many fans hope to see Stella with Isabel. Was that a surprise to either of you?

VB: It was definitely a little bit of a surprise, but I think it's amazing how much everyone cares about these characters and the stories, and how invested they are. So it's really nice getting to see how everybody is so passionate about it, so that's always nice, yeah.

TWW: Speaking of the fans, we did take a few fan questions to ask, so we'll just ask those before we wrap up. What is the most challenging part of being on Walker and what's your favorite part?

VB: I always say the most challenging part is the days that I don't get to work. I would say just being on set and getting to work with all these amazing people is probably the best. Everyone is so kind and welcoming and funny, so there's always some comedy bit going on set and it's always a great time.

TWW: Where do you draw the emotion from when you have scenes where you have to be a grieving daughter who lost her mom?

VB: At the beginning, I did a lot of research on teens and how they deal with grief, but specifically how they deal with losing a parent. I've been fortunate enough to have never lost anybody that close to me, so it's really important to me to properly portray that because it's such--it's a life changing event, and I didn't want to do anybody a disservice, because it takes so much strength. And it's so heartbreaking and I'm wanting to do that properly. So I read a lot and I did a lot of research, and started to have so much sympathy for Stella. And then in the scene with other actors you naturally work off of each other and draw from each other's performances. So all those components together kind of makes the emotion just kind of naturally well up.

TWW: It's done very respectfully and it's done very well so it's a testament to show what this cast can do, including yourself. Is Stella going to have to choose between Trevor and her father? And I know that this is something that's maybe not something you can answer directly, but there were multiple people that wanted to know.

VB: Well, I mean this definitely isn't the last time that we see Trevor--or Clint for that matter--so there's definitely going to be some ups and downs in the coming episodes. Yeah, there's gonna have to be some choices made, but there's a lot going on and it's super intense and it's gonna be really exciting to see how everybody reacts.

TWW: Have you used anything from your own life--do you bring any of you as a person to your role as Stella? Like mannerisms, fashion, anything like that?

VB: This isn't so much something that I "brought", but it's something that I felt like me and Stella had in common. She cares about her family so much, and when she loves somebody she loves them and will do anything for them. And I feel like that's something that I have as well. My people are my people, and I'll do absolutely anything for them.

TWW: So for the last fan question, super-fan Gavin Casalegno asked, can you show him some of your soccer skills?

VB: I'm not the best at soccer, I will admit. But they gave me lessons, and it was super fun, and then I get to practice every week, that's always great.

TWW: And finally, do you have anything that you want to say to the Walker fans watching this video?

VB: Thank you so much for watching every time there's an episode and for caring so much about the story. We're all so appreciative, and thank you so much.

TWW: Well thank you so much. It's incredible to get to talk to some of the cast and find out some of this information firsthand and get it to the fans firsthand, we really appreciate this.

VB: No, thank you. This was a lot of fun and I'm excited for everybody to see what happens.

SWW: So are we. We're excited to see it.