Isabel Muñoz

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Name Isabel Muñoz ("Bel" By Stella)
Nickname(s) "Bel" By Stella
Actor Gabriela Flores / IMDB
Dates 2005 (Age 16)
Occupation Student
1st Appearance 1.01 Pilot
  • Stella Walker (friend/possible love interest)
  • Alma Muñoz (mother)
  • Lorenzo Muñoz (father)
  • About The Character

    Isabel is first seen at the Station where she was brought in on possession charges with her best friend Stella. These charges are revealed to cause problems for her family due to their status as citizens.

    She is a student at Sacred Heart High School where she plays soccer with Stella. She is benched for an important game as a result of her legal troubles, however Stella is not. We are to assume that her coach is racially discriminating against her.

    Many fans believe/hope she may be a love interest to Stella.


    Isabel attends Sacred Heart High School alongside her best friend Stella. Both girls play soccer on the same school team, and they seem to spend a lot of time together. Isabel's parents are undocumented, though she was born in America, and her main concern is ensuring they aren't deported.

    In episode 4 (Don't Fence Me In), we see her parents meeting with Liam, as he is trying to help them now that ICE is aware of their status. Isabel's arrest seemed to have caused tension between her and Stella, but in this same episode, Stella apologizes to her friend with a gift of her grandmother's jam. Isabel confirms they are "okay", and the girls laugh together, so their friendship is luckily still intact.