Jaxon Davis

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Name Jaxon Davis
Actor Clayton Froning
Episode(s) 1.05 Duke
1.11 Freedom


Jaxon is a member of the Rodeo Kings, along with Crystal West, Clint West, Twyla Jean, and Duke Culpepper (Cordell Walker's undercover persona). The Kings became known throughout Texas for their robberies, often resulting in bank employees being murdered or critically injured. When Jaxon broke his leg approximately four months prior to Duke, it was the perfect "in" for Cordell to join their ranks, due to being down a member. Cordell created the persona "Duke Culpepper" and was undercover for ten months before finally bringing Clint and Crystal to justice. Twyla and Jaxon were not arrested at the time of the initial robbery four months prior. In Duke, he is still wearing the leg brace from his broken leg. He is also very obviously still in contact with Twyla, as he shows up at the bar as her backup when she's meeting with "Duke".

In episode 11 (Freedom), he escapes from prison transport, along with Clint. They go to the cabin where Stella and Trevor are hiding out, and Jaxon shoots at them both before chasing Stella into the woods. He continues to shoot at Stella, but is tackled by Cordell and eventually subdued by Micki before being arrested again.

Jaxon Davis arrest record