Mehar's Jacket

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Title Mehar's Jacket
Episode 1.14
Aired June 17, 2021
Ratings 1.782 mil - 0.30 (18-49)
Director Diana Valentine
Writer Casey Fisher
Synopsis Walker takes Stella and August on a road trip to discuss some devastating news. Meanwhile, Captain James enlists the help of Micki and Trey to find a missing military veteran.
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As Cordell and his father Bonham survey the crime scene left behind at their ranch, the lawman feels that he needs to take his children August and Stella with him to recuperate from recent events. Liam fields calls from the press regarding his role in killing Clint, with Abeline still visibly shaken about Hoyt's death and feeling that none of her boys are safe. The grief-stricken proceedings are interrupted by Geri, who offers her condolences before alerting Cordell that Hoyt tried to acquire property that is poised to be lost to developers. Seeing this as an opportunity to get away and spend time with his kids, Cordell formalizes his extended leave of absence from the Texas Rangers.

As Cordell, Geri and the kids hit the road, an emotional Stella listens to a phone message left by a remorseful Trevor apologizing for betraying her family and her trust. The ensemble compares memories of Hoyt before arriving at their fallen family's property and discovering that he owned a whole set of livestock that need to be relocated from the land. Lacking the vehicles to properly transport the animals in time and with the kids intent on keeping the livestock to honor Hoyt's wishes, Cordell and Geri decide to resort to a short cattle drive to bring the animals back to the family ranch.

On the ride home, Stella admits she blames herself for letting Trevor get close to the family, only for Cordell to quickly shoot down the possibility that she may be culpable. Geri gifts August with Hoyt's lucky jacket, allegedly hoodwinked from a fortuneteller named Mehar. Back at the ranch, Bonham continues to shoo away press looking for a comment from Liam before Abeline confesses that she's worried over her husband's cancer diagnosis and his recalcitrance to seek any substantial medical treatment for it. As Liam's political rival Stan visits him, Liam contemplates dropping out of his career in public service altogether before contacting his ex, Bret. Touched by Abeline's concern, Bonham quietly sets up treatment for his cancer, with her firmly by his side.

Captain James recruits Micki and Trey on a missing persons case, with the individual in question a friend named Lou linked to Trey's physical therapy background. As the trio investigates Lou's home, they learn he is a private military contractor and has left home with his supply of guns, potentially on an assignment to help his family's financial woes, but this is denied by a rep from his employer. Somehow, the Rangers deduce that Lou isn't taking a PMC assignment but is instead participating in a high-paying underground fight to earn money because that's apparently the next best thing. Rather than letting Lou risk himself, Micki steps in the ring in his place and emerges victorious before giving Lou the prize money to help him out.

Taking a break after an llama (alpaca) on the drive falls down a ravine, the group spends the night at a nearby barn. Geri consoles Stella over her romance with Trevor, reasoning that she let herself fall in love, even if the boy turned out to be gunning for Cordell. After the kids fall asleep, Cordell reveals to Geri that he kept her name on the Sidestep lease, effectively retaining her as a part-owner of her old bar before he leaves to rescue the llama (alpaca). The following morning, Geri decides she needs to break off from the group to contemplate her standing with Cordell and their unresolved feelings for one another, without telling the kids what happened with her father.

Finally arriving back at the ranch, Bonham has already prepared a space for the alpaca (not a llama) after receiving a call in advance from Geri while August decides to name his newly acquired alpaca baby after Hoyt. Stella leaves a message for Trevor, letting him know they should keep their distance for the foreseeable future while Micki swings by the ranch to apologize for being dismissive to Cordell after learning he was temporarily leaving the Rangers behind as the family faces a new future together.[1]


Photo in frame
Real life couple Jared and Gen
  • When Stan holds up a photo of Cordell and Emily, it's actually a photo of real life couple Jared and Gen Padalecki.
  • This episode was originally titled "Trips" but was changed to Mehar's Jacket for unknown reasons.
  • A main focus of this episode is the Walker family walking a "llama" back to their ranch. But it was revealed later in the episode that the "llama" (who ended up being pregnant and giving birth) was actually an alpaca the entire time (first noted by Bonham Walker upon their arrival at the ranch). This could be a reference to the Supernatural episode "The French Mistake", where Sam and Dean Winchester encounter an alpaca and Dean mistakes it for a camel.

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
When You Were Young Wiretree Geri tells Cordell about the land Hoyt tried to buy; they plan a road trip with the kids.
All I've Known A. O. Gerber Geri and Cordell talk in the barn (and don't kiss even though they should) after the kids fall asleep.
The Architect's Hand AHI Abeline and Bonham talk about Hoyt; she thanks him; he starts to make building plans.
Oakra Azarole Micki badass fight montage.
Here in Between The Daybreaks "Llama" is born at dawn in the wilderness; at the ranch, Bonham agrees to start radiation; Micki and Trey talk about her future with Cordell.
Starting Over Lindsey Ray Stan offers a donation to Liam for the DA race; Stella leaves a goodbye message for Trevor and then joins the family at the table.


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