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Music By Episode

Season 1

1.01 Pilot

Credit to @Larrs9325 on twitter for most of episode 1. Others from Tunefind or from our own research

Song Title Artist Scene Info
In a River Rostam Opening scene with Cordell and Emily kissing goodbye.
Waters Crossed RE Royal Forest The Walker family game night; Walker gets a SOS text from Emily.[1]
Go Down River The Heavy Heavy 11 months later, the kids wait for Walker.
It Might Get Dark White Denim Walker jogs to his truck at lookout point on Lady Bird Lake.
Low Chill Russell Cordell and Micki have lunch together.
Those Who Wait Christy Hays Cordell has dinner with the fam and gets a call from the police station.
Westfall Okkervil River Stella and Cordell leave the police station.
Rhythm Revue Loteria Liam and Cordell talk at the bar.
The Hard Way Turnpike Troubadours Geri and Cordell dance (and it's adorable)
RUN Abhi The Nomad Jordan insults Cordell and gets his ass beat.
Poison In The Well Ethan Burns & The Ragged Jubilee Micki brings Cordell to her house for Trey to tend to his wounds.
Valley Kevin Morby Cordell finds Stella at the lookout by the lake.
Livin' In The Mammoths Cordell and Micki confront Milo about the heroin.
Souvenir Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus (Boygenius) August has a snooze in the farmhouse and Cordell tells Stella he's not taking the job.

1.02 Back in the Saddle

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Waiting For The Sun The Jayhawks Cordell talks to his mom while cleaning up his house.
Don't You Break My Heart Hollyy Micki and Trey have a cute moment of fooling around.
You Must Have Met Little Caroline? JD McPherson Cordell and Micki take the recertification test and nail it.
Born Dirty to Last Forever Wires On Fire Cordell and Micki chase down Manchester and kick ass.
Dizzy Spells Sadie and the Ladies Cordell, Micki and Larry have a drink at the bar.
Wrecking Ball The Lower 48 Cordell and Stella have a moment texting each other.
Extraordinary Life Gordi Cordell and the kids watch Augie's "What Texas Means to Me".

1.03 Bobble Head

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Trouble L.A. Edwards (Flashback) Emily teaches Cordell how to drive stick shift on her mustang. Amazing.
My Kingdom's Come Samuel Jack Hoyt makes his introduction as a glittery, thrusting, naked cowboy at the strip club.
Way Over My Head Love Taps, Chi Duly, Melika Stella hangs out with her friends at the bonfire when they point out August is drunk and dancing (and killing it).
Tusk Fleetwood Mac August turns on music as they leave the bonfire; Walker, Micki and the rangers take down Hoyt, Torreto and her gang. Cake. So much cake.
Polyester John Evans Micki stops by the Side Step to give Geri the ring Hoyt left for her then they have a drink together #weshipit
Kids These Days Shakey Graves Walker teaches Stella to drive stick on her mother's old car while August runs behind them.

1.04 Don't Fence Me In

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Higher Twin Buffalo Micki and Cordell arrest Monty Shaw.
American Miles Reed Foehl Cordell has a heart to heart with his momma while labelling jam.
City's Alive Chief White Lightning Cordell and Augie take a selfie and talk about undercover stuff.

1.05 Duke

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Heaven Lincoln Durham Flashback to when Cordell was undercover as Duke Culpepper
If I Die Low Cut Connie During the scene we first see Cordell take his shirt off to change into Duke
You and I Ali Holder Duke and Twyla have a little slowdance and it's sweet
Last Dance Donna Summer At the karaoke bar, being sung by Crystal West to the rest of the group
This Is Mine Think No Think Micki owns on the mechanical bull, like a badass
Hate the Taste Black Rebel Motorcycle Club When Twyla is trying to escape with the money and inevitably gets caught
Although We Cry Paul & The Tall Trees The Walker fam "cremates" Duke Culpepper's belongings

1.06 Bar None

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Kinda Shaken The Kingston Springs Cordell and Micki have a beer together
Hangin' On Western Youth Cordell receives Emily's life insurance check
I Gotta Cry Jeff "Sonny Boy" Williamson Cordell has bourbon and argues with Geri over Side Step's future
Magnolia Mail the Horse Liam and Larry James meet with Hoyt to ask for help
Say What You Mean Rubber Band Gun Cordell and Micki work on repairing Side Step
Warm Alaska Reid Trevor and Stella have a moment, Cordell interrupts and it's great
Summer Begs Sarah Jaffe Cordell, Stella, Augie camp in the Side Step and Cordell talks to Emily's "ghost"
Calling It Automatic Geri drives off and we all scream about plot twists

1.07 Tracks

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Broken Foot Wiretree August is making breakfast for the fam
Hate Lincoln Durham Cordell and Micki show up to save the kiddos (from the Northside Gang)
KaiL Baxley Mirrors of Paradise August surprises Isabel with some fireworks from her parents! So sweet
Sunset Canyon Foxwarren, Andy Shauf, D. A. Kissick Cordell thanks Trevor for his bravery, Liam and Larry's car explodes

1.08 Fine Is A Four Letter Word

Song Title Artist Scene Info
It's Better to Spend Money Quiet Company Trevor and Stella are getting ready for the dance
Time Undone Kalu & The Electric Joint Bret arrives at Liam's office to take him to dinner
Nobody's Favourite Mobley The school dance is starting, and a tornado warning is in effect oh no!
Way Over My Head Love Taps, Chi Duly, Melika Cordell meets Julie Bramlett and heads out with Micki and Trey to save Ruby's grandpa
Looking For Tres Oui August and Isabel go into the dance, Stella and Trevor follow
Loneliness Pt. II Aaron Taos, Spill Tab Bonham gives Liam good advice about love
Follow You Pretty Hectic Trevor's father/Duke connection is revealed
Dust Bowl John Evans Trey saves trapped woman in vehicle before being hit by debris
I Don't Wanna Dance Celine Cairo Abeline and Bonham dance, Trevor and Stella have a final dance while crying
So Quickly Secrecies Liam finally tells Cordell the truth about Emily's murderer. So much pain.

1.09 Rule Number 17

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Gonna Be Your Boy Leopold and His Fiction Abeline and Bonham discuss Liam's breakup with Bret
Hot Mess The Owsley Brothers Geri tries to give Oswald $25k to settle her debts
Road Trip Kalli (Feat. Kirsten Proffit) Cordell and his kids have a group hug and Bonham asks Google's help to flip a coin
In Corners Mamahawk The Walker family has a nice dinner and toasts to Emily

1.10 Encore

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Get Up Wiretree Opening of the episode
How'm I Gonna Find You Now James McMurtry Micki tells Cordell about the case from her past that involves Minnie Jayne.
Lovin' Days Denney and the Jets At the bar, Trey tells August about his first date with Micki.
Good Boy Crystall Monee Hall (Tameca Jones Cover) Micki and Cordell attend a Minnie Jayne show in Gruene.
Run Wild Thutmose, NoMBe Micki and Cordell attempt to stop Minnie's home invader before he can get away with a guitar. Parkour.
You're on Your Own Constant Smiles Trevor explains to Stella why he left and why his father's goons were after him.
Better With You Crystal Monee Hall (Michl cover) Ending scenes while Minnie sings. Walker and Stella dance together before Stella runs off with Trevor.

1.11 Freedom

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Before They Pass Woods Cordell attempts to reply back to a text message from Geri while recording the video message for Hoyt
The Sacred & the Profane Shinyribs Geri arrives at Side Step with Hoyt, surprise party ensues
Now and Then Natural Child Micki attempts to talk to Geri about her and Hoyt while at the party.
Warm Alaska Reid Stella and Trevor make up then burn Clint's things.
Mavis Nathaniel Rateliff Hoyt proposes to Geri, she says no and reveals the truth about her kiss with Cordell. Dun dun DUNNNN.

1.12 A Tale of Two Families

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Letting Go Erika Wennerstrom Emily talks with Bonham and Abeline, says goodbye to the fam before heading to the border.
Do It Again Homer Liam and Bret discuss Liam's need to be back home with his family.
Bloom Arch Leaves Bonham reprimands Cordell for breaking the hitching post; family and friends (and Stan for some reason) stage an intervention for Cordell.
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing Luther Dickinson Bonham finds and punches Gary.
Tomb Apes Stella and friends hang out, drinking and playing arcade games. Stella falls and hits her head.
[Jingle Bells] Jimmy Orion Ellis Liam visits Stella at the hospital.
Weeds A. Sinclair Micki sees Trey's text while waiting in speed trap and takes off after Crystal's speeding Jeep.
Night Daniel Spaleniak Cops arrive at Harriett's to give Trevor the bad news about his parents; Trevor visits Clint in prison; Clint rescues Trevor; Clint talks Trevor into getting revenge on Walker family while at Crystal's grave.
This Means War Calliope Musicals Clint shoots Liam and the Rodeo Kings have the drop on the Walker fam.

1.13 Defend The Ranch

Song Title Artist Scene Info
I Feel A Good One Coming Jimmy Hunsucker Bonham carries Liam to safety.
Aim for the Heart Federale [Instrumental] Hoyt and Cordell take the Mustang.
Troubled Tracks Cowboy and Indian Hoyt and Cordell get ready in the Mustang and follow Hoyt's lead; (repeats) James gives Cordell his condolences; Cordell asks about his DPS hearing.
Brass Tacks (Brass Tacks 2013) Not In The Face Cordell and Hoyt rob the bank (oh no).
Willow Blackwater Holylight Cordell and Hoyt run into Micki and tell her what's going on.
Weapon of Choice Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Brawl at the Ranch turns into a standoff; Micki arrives, Liam shoots Clint.
Moon Begins Florist The Walker fam hugs it out now that things are over.

1.14 Mehar's Jacket

Song Title Artist Scene Info
When You Were Young Wiretree Geri tells Cordell about the land Hoyt tried to buy; they plan a road trip with the kids.
All I've Known A. O. Gerber Geri and Cordell talk in the barn (and don't kiss even though they should) after the kids fall asleep.
The Architect's Hand AHI Abeline and Bonham talk about Hoyt; she thanks him; he starts to make building plans.
Oakra Azarole Micki badass fight montage.
Here in Between The Daybreaks "Llama" is born at dawn in the wilderness; at the ranch, Bonham agrees to start radiation; Micki and Trey talk about her future with Cordell.
Starting Over Lindsey Ray Stan offers a donation to Liam for the DA race; Stella leaves a goodbye message for Trevor and then joins the family at the table.

1.15 Four Stones In Hand

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Cloud Kate Davis Ruby attempts to comfort August
Weak Melat Bonham tells Abeline why he doesn't want to go through with cancer treatment
Never Makes a Sound Jonathan Terrell Cordell thanks Micki and Liam for keeping him on track as they drink.
Deceit The Black Delta Movement Cordell alone at the bar.

1.16 Bad Apples

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Hunting Ground The Black Delta movement Micki and Capt. James bust Lt. Campbell in the beginning of the episode
How You Make a Fool (feat. Robert Ellis) The Tender Things James, DJ, and Cordell drink and catch up.
Devil Echoes Polock James, DJ, and Cordell discover the car on fire.
Only Us Paperwhite Stella and DJ talk about their dads/college.
Wisdom/Boredom Daniel Trakell Cordell and Stella talk about being a Ranger, she gives him back his buckle.
Rainy Taxi (Big Beat) Spoon Cordell shows up at the Ranger's Station and he's a Ranger again!
Porno Disaster The Octopus Project James shows up to confront and arrest Campbell; Campbell makes a run for it.
Shine The Dirty River Boys Cordell, Micki, Liam, and James celebrate closing the Campbell case and having Cordell back on the force.

1.17 Dig

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Sweeter Than the Scars Shinyribs Stan makes Cordell's return to the Rangers official (and acts creepy).
Nightlight Wiretree The Walker family hosts the Sacred High kids at the Side Step; Cordell and Geri reconnect.
Shakey Mama Blues Leopold and His Fiction Cordell and Micki search the school and spot photos of him in high school. Geri and Cordell text.
Love in a Cage William Luke White Isabel invites Stella to Mexico; Ruby invites August to her house.
Time to Go (feat. French for Rabbits) Lindsay Micki gives Cordell her mock DPS testimony.
Mary, Won't You Call Me Someone Rubber Band Gun High school kids still there having fun; Cordell and Micki discuss his need to face Carlos Mendoza.
Strangers Wingtip August and Ruby hanging out; music playing through speakers 'all the right vibes'; August turns her down and walks out.
Clozer Think No Think Stan and Byron get into a shoving match.
Slow Rise II Sun June At Micki's bungalow, Micki's looking forward to her future with Trey.
The Night Terror Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad Cordell disarms and takes out Stan's goons, then kidnaps Stan at gunpoint.

1.18 Drive

Song Title Artist Scene Info
I Stay Ready Marshall The Walker family explores Stan's very nice house.
Good Days Dr JOE Bonham and Abeline pick their signature drink; Liam gets word Cordell took Stan hostage; August finds Emily's missing poker chip in Stan's house.
Keep on Coming Dr JOE Crooked cops stop fire on Cordell and Stan.
Heavenly Day Patty Griffin Micki hosts the mom-brunch!
Late Morning Lullaby Brandi Carlile The Walkers earned a summer together.

Season 2

2.01 They Started It

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Not Alone KOLARS Cordell, Liam, and Trey racing through the field in a beautiful display of manly sweat.
I Feel It Coming Pontic, Ndidi O Micki in a high speed chase to recover a car for Spider.
Cutting Corners Lunar Vacation Stella and August meet Colton, August's fist meets Colton's face.
Rise Up Ndidi O Micki has a surprise visit from Trey.
Ain't Gonna Stop Natural Child Cordell arrives at Side Step, he thinks he's being followed.
Morning in My Heart Eagle Eye Williamson Cordell goes to collect a drunk Liam. They have a tense first showdown with Dan and Denise.

2.02 The One Who Got Away

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Can't Hold Me Down ZOI Opening scene.
Memphis on the Moon The Sanco Loop Micki and Garrison arrive at the church, Garrison promises that answers are inside.
Crazy Love Lumado Trey sets up the weirdest escape room/detention hybrid.
Movie Screen Tommy Newport Locker room escape room!
Getaway Bite The Buffalo Micki and Cordell take down Morgan as the building goes up in flames.
True Love Will Find You In the End Wilco Micki puts on Garrison's mixtape while getting ready to go after Serano. It also plays at the end. We all cry.
Saved Samuel Jack Micki stops Garrison from sniping Cordell; Garrison falls off the roof. We continue crying.
The King Is Gone Western Youth Stella offers Colton a ride.

2.03 Barn Burner

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Super Fun Apocalypse (feat. Bryson the Alien) Lucern Raze feat. Bryson the Alien Surveillance watches Cordell having a nightmare.
Sentimental ilo ilo August working in garage band; Montage of Walker family ranch scenes; Stella turns up the volume; Colton and Stella walk injured horses into corral.
Three Decembers Dark Water Hymnal Cordell tells Bonham about his nightmares, says he wants to invite Davidsons to the cook off
Let It Go Graham Wilkinson Chili cookoff starts
Let It All Hang out Tonite Low Cut Connie Trey and Micki talk a bit as the cookoff continues
Devil n Me Taylor Hollingsworth The Harvest Chili Cook Off heats up; Abeline and Gale are the frontrunners
The Third Sound The Third Sound Micki kicks Treys ass at darts and have a heart to heart
We Got the Stones 7Horse Dan crashes into Liam's chili; chili contest stakes are raised.
True Love Will Find You in the End (cover) Graham Wilkinson Micki hears this song (Garrison's song for her, previously covered by Wilco in The One Who Got Away), followed by Abeline
Hooked Denney and the Jets Abeline advises Micki to do what's right for herself
Touch the Lightning KOLARS Mystery man meets with "the buyer", Dan
Never a Good Time Sylvee Cordell makes a confession to his mother while Dan watches through the cameras, Trey tries to comfort Micki, Cordell notices a camera

2.04 It's Not What You Think

Song Title Artist Scene Info
treading water girlhouse Trey talks to Stella, to try to calm her down after her SATs.
Shake Samuel Jack Denise and Cordell pretend to be talking, just before Cordell spots something on fire in the distance.
Wanna Say Richrad Orofino Bonham, Abeline, and August find the map and the colt.
(Unreleased Track) ZOI Liam walks through the house with a gun, before being saved by Dan.
The Kids Matt the Electrician During flashback, we see Young Cordell and Young Denise meeting at the borders of their properties.

2.05 Partners and Third Wheels

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Traffic! Katy Kirby Trey wakes up without Micki, but sees her note.
White Noise Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad Cordell steals Liam's car (ouch) to chase after the mystery lady at the construction site.
The Girl, The Gold Watch, And Everything Literature Stella and Todd go to the old Davidson barn.
Things Might Turn Out Right Jon Dee Graham Cordell plays pool with Jillian and Capt. James.
Alright Christy Hays Cordell and Larry get into an argument about Jillian's mustang.
The Devil Called Me a Liar Ash Grunwald August climbs the Davidson's barn and falls, finding the lantern.
You Can Stay Sydney Wright Micki arrives home to find Trey's post-it note on Garrison's painting.
Ain't Gonna Stop Natural Child Larry tells Cordell that Jillian went back to her ex, a random woman at the bar buys Cordell a drink.

2.06 Douglas Fir

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Christmas Time Black Tie Dynasty August runs into Colton
Verde River Kassi Valazza Cordell and Liam argue over Dan.
Good Time Daddy Blues Carson McHone Cordell talks to Gale about Dan
Tanokumbia The Halluci Nation (feat. El Dusty & Black Bear) Cordell takes on the meth-heads.
Joy to the World Y'all Eddie Gore, Justyna Kelley Santa!Bonham shows up and August asks Cordell for a pass for Christmas.
Someone Has Always Got Someone Brendan Losch Micki and Trey break up (though they never really said it was permanent so...) and she leaves for San Antonio.
Start Again Daniel Trakell Cordell and Captain James say their goodbyes to Micki. We all cry.

2.07 Where Do We Go From Here

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Same Days J. Roddy Walston & The Business At Walker ranch, bustling Sunday dinner. There's tension between Liam and Cordi.
Echo of the Whoos Calliope Musicals At the college fair, Trey and Stella talk about figuring out their lives.
You Will See Me Wilderwater, Krief Liam answers the phone, Capt. James tries to convince him to come in to make a statement.
Hold Out Your Hand Greyhounds On August's headphones out front of the ranch; Colton pulls up.
All I Need Quinn Deveaux At The Side Step, Bret is supportive of Liam; They fend off Serano's lawyers.
Reckoning Lament Lincoln Durham At THe Side Step, Liam and Bret drink and discuss the situation with the Serano case.
Big Coat Wiretree At the bocce courts, Stella and Cordell are playing. Flashback shows Emily teaching Stella the game.
Warrior SUR At Walker ranch, Liam and Cordi have a heart to heart; Liam, Bret, Cordell, and Stella talking.
We'll All Be Alright Amy Stroup, AG (Acoustic version) At Micki's bungalow, James drops off Trey and a gunfight ensues, James is shot.

2.08 Two Points for Honesty

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Paradise Daniel Trakell Captain James passes on the buck to Cordell to head up the Serano case.
Bloom Arch Leaves Liam offers to help Cordell with the case; Geri emboldens him.
With the Wind SUR James and Cordell have an honest and frank conversation about their futures.
Bad Beast Suzanne Santo Stan gives Liam information on the Davidsons.

2.09 Sucker Punch

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Good Day Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Geri talks August into auditioning to play at the Side Step, with some help from Faye.
Shaker #42 Otis Wilkins (also known as Taylor Wilkins) Cordell arrives at Side Step with gear.
It Won't Be Love Jeremy & The Harlequins At the Side Step, Cordell and Geri talk and watch the kids and their various crushes.
Brand New Disease ADMIRALS Serano runs to a car outside the train station; Cordell chases Serano.
Last One Standing (unreleased) Bruises Serano crashes his car.
Doghouse (unreleased) Jane Leo Cordell tells Denise she's sleeping with the enemy.
Slow Dive Andrew St James Geri cheers up Colton about his prospects with Stella.
Soft Skin dream tiger Denise watches surveillance video; in the footage, Cordell confesses to Abeline.

2.10 Nudge

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Handshakers The Coasts Cordell, Liam and Trey have lunch together, they discuss their personal lives.
Can't Catch Me] NoMBe, New Mystics Cassie interrogates Cordell and holds him captive in the trunk of stolen car.
Spaceship Ruth B. Stella and Todd stare a kiss after she spends the day with him helping his brother Bart study.
Weapon of Choice Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Cordell and Cassie chase after the car thief.
Run to You Ocie Elliott Cordell confesses to Geri and they have the sexy times.

2.11 Boundaries

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Beach Hollyy Cordell wakes up after spending the night with Geri.
Count It Off The Saturday Knights, The Muscle Shoals Horns Cordell and Cassie do indoor rock climbing.
Empire Builder Typhoon Colton walks away from Stella after yelling at her about 'fling' with Todd.
Top of the World The Wild Feathers Geri talks with Trey about her and Cordi's relationship.
Blackberry Brandy T Bird and the Breaks Cassie brings home a drunk Dan to the Davidson's ranch.
We Tremble Monahans Bonham and Geri talk in the barn; Geri watches as Bonham walks off with the lantern and a shovel.

2.12 Common Ground

Song Title Artist Scene Info
The New Mission Bell The Tender Things, Robert Ellis At the Side Step, Stella and August are hanging out, relaxing with friends; Denise shows up to confront August about the lantern.
Velvet Moon Bee Caves Liam finds Stella in the Side Step; Colton and Stella have a confrontation; Liam pitches a deal to Dan Miller for the ranch.
Going Down to Texas The Ragged Jubilee Geri reads the rules; Cordi and Dan mount up.
Life of Sin Nick Nolan Cordell and Dan race.
Devil’s Gonna Come Raphael Lake, Royal Baggs Cordell and Dan race along a stream, around the barn and back.
Ain't No Shelter Samuel Jack Bonham is taken away in a police cruiser.

2.13 One Good Thing

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Give Me a Song Stevie Weinstein-Foner Cordell talks to the ranch hands and the family packs up.
Should Have Been Alex Maas At the Side Step, August talks with Geri about the family drama.
Lost the War Western Youth (Feat. Jaimee Harris) At the Side Step, Cordell and Geri talk about what has changed.
All Around the World Susto The Walker family has breakfast tacos; Geri talks to Gale.

2.14 No Such Thing As Fair Play

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Tin Can Telephone Jules Larson At the Side Step, an awkward breakfast adjusting to new circumstances and need for a new home; Geri and Cordell adjust to her new Davidson status.
Tub Gut Stomp & Red-Eyed Soul Shinyribs At the Austin Ranger Fair, Cassie and Captain James run into Trey; They spot and confront Fenton Cole.
MIDNIGHT SUN SUR At the fair, Cordell wins a blindfolded race while Geri cheers him on.
Enough Clint Manning At the fair, Geri takes a call from Gale; Stella opens up to Todd about her worries.
All My Livin Time Radio Company Cassie convinces Cordell to help her get info from Cole; Geri heads off by herself.
Automatic Attraction Palm Palm Geri and Abeline talk about Abby withholding information.
Upstage On the Front Page Harvest Thieves Cordell questions Cole Fenton about Cassie; Fenton rebukes him.
Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't Sarah Shook & The Disarmers At Expo Hall skee ball, Colton cools off; Geri gives him some advice.
Carry On Wayward Son Kansas At the concert hall auditorium, everyone enjoys the Kansas show.
life sentence Zachary Knowles Colton and Stella make up; At the fortune teller booth, Trey finds a tipsy Cassie.
Admiral of Upside Down Dhani Harrison Fenton drives down the highway, bringing food and water to a mysterious figure in an airstream.

2.15 Bygones

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Too Many Roads Jim Gold At the coffee shop, James and Kelly have a conversation about their future.
Don't Go Home Pet Dress At the Side Step, James, Trey, and August talk about girl problems.
Raffica - Seq. 4 - Strong Beat Silvano D'Auria Cordell and Twyla get ready to enter the country club.
Chopinesque Alex Ballantine & Matt Cooper At the country club bar, Cordell and Twyla approach their target, Eric Davies.
Broke Akina Adderley At the country club, Cordi and Twyla negotiate with Eric; Twyla closes the deal.
R.E.D. The Halluci Nation, feat Yasiin Bey, Narcy, and Black Bear Smash Room montage; Trey, James, and Augie vent.
Stand Close Leatherbag At the coffee shop, Capt. James tries again with Kelly.
Together Michigander At the end, Cordell and Twyla make a fresh start.

2.16 Champagne Problems

Song Title Artist Scene Info
I Wanna Say to You The Molochs Liam and Ben flirt; Cassie interrupts and we all find out Ben's her brother, eep.
Young Sun June At the Side Step, Augie and Stella work on prep for party; They talk about Stella's plans.
Diary of a Rose Meda Bog Cassie goes back to the liquor store to talk to Ben.
Good Life SUR Bonham and Abby are greeted and celebrated at the Side Step.
Flowers, Keys & Gasoline Mail the Horse At the Side Step, Ben shows up with the bottle of champagne.
Harmonize Rising Appalachia At the Side step, Cordell and Abby make toasts; Everyone raises a glass.
I Got the Lonely Mel Parsons At the Side Step, Ben and Cassie make up.
The Cowboy in Me Cover by Mitch Pileggi (original by Tim McGraw) At the Side Step, Bonham performs a love song for Abby.
Visible Sans Soucis At Ben's apartment, Liam asks Ben out.
You and I Ali Holder Twyla shows up after the party and puts the song on the jukebox; they talk.