No Such Thing As Fair Play

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Title No Such Thing As Fair Play
Episode 2.14
Aired April 14, 2022
Ratings 1.556mil - 0.20 (18-49)
Director Jensen Ackles
Writer Katherine Alyse
Synopsis Cordell and the Walker family carry on with a day at the Rangers fair, but it’s not all fun and games when Cassie runs into familiar faces from her past. Meanwhile, Abeline attempts to clear the air with Geri and Colton tries a new approach with Stella.
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As the Walker family search for a new, permanent residence, Geri still struggles with the revelation that she’s a long-lost Davidson. To complicate matters further, Geri is aware that Abeline Walker kept this secret from her all her life, though Abby wasn’t sure of the identity of the Davidsons’ missing child in the interim. The matter is tabled as the family looks forward to the Texas Rangers’ annual fair, with Abby feeling this is a good opportunity to finally clear the air with Geri about what exactly she knew.

At the fair, Captain Larry James introduces his new Ranger, Cassie Perez, to Trey Barnett, but the moment is interrupted by Cassie’s old commanding officer, Captain Fenton Cole, from the Dallas division joining the conversation. It is clear there is still a deep distrust between Fenton and Cassie, made worse when Cassie discovers he is dating Rita Vyas, the wife of her missing Dallas partner, Miles Vyas. Suspicious, Cassie approaches Cordell to help her investigate what Fenton and Rita may be up to around the disappearance of Miles.

Cordell approaches Fenton and talks to him about why he would move so quickly to officially file a presumption that Miles was dead and then embark on a relationship with Rita. Fenton observes that the motion helped Rita collect on Miles' life insurance faster, which she needed to help raise their daughter while admitting he grew closer to Rita in their shared grief. When Cassie presses Rita on this, Fenton joins the discussion and clarifies that additional evidence was recovered that indicated Miles was killed in the line of duty, agreeing to declassify the information so that Cassie can review it herself.

Abby takes the time to talk to Geri about what she knew regarding the Davidsons’ missing child but is concerned by how defensive Geri gets about the whole discussion, her trust in Abby visibly shaken. When Cordell makes a withering comment about Gale when Geri gets an innocuous text from her during a Kansas concert, the two get into an argument about the family feud and Cordell not taking recent news into account. In the aftermath, Geri decides she needs to take a break from their relationship to take the time to figure out who she is.

As the fair comes to a close, Colton Davidson reconciles with Stella while revealing his true feelings for her, though she leaves with her boyfriend Todd instead. Shaken by the day’s events, Cassie bonds with Trey over drinks as they commiserate over the people they’ve lost in their respective pasts. However, Fenton has secrets of his own, driving out with supplies to a shadowy figure living in a trailer, promising to fill him in on what has just occurred, hinting that Cassie’s suspicions may be right on the nose.[1]


  • In a recent interview with TVLine, Jensen Ackles mentioned he started the episode off “on a pile of bacon,” and that it was very Dean Winchester.
  • When Cordell asks Geri to go to the fair that the Rangers are having, he says that he hears Kansas is playing. Geri replies with, “Dust in the Wind?” Cordell laughs, and then when Geri walks off, he says, “That’s the song you think of?” We all know what song he was alluding to, “Carry On Wayward Son,” which has become the unofficial theme song of Supernatural.
    Jensen Ackles's shadowy cameo
  • The vintage green Coleman cooler makes an appearance, and that’s become quite a staple in the Supernatural world. The cooler made an appearance throughout Supernatural, including the last episode where it can be seen as Dean and Bobby talk. In the episode, Liam brings it out to Bonham and Abeline, telling them that he found it in Cordell’s things.
  • If you look at the beer that Liam pulls out of the green cooler, you’ll see that it’s the Larklair Tejas beer. In Season 1, Episode 17 “Hell House” of Supernatural, that’s the same brand of beer that Sam glues to Dean’s hand.
  • One of Radio Company’s (Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson) songs, “All My Livin’ Time” is playing in the background when Cassie and Cordell are talking at the fair.
  • As mentioned earlier, Kansas has “Carry On Wayward Son,” a song that has become synonymous with Supernatural. Well, they make an appearance in this episode and sing the beloved song, with the Walkers, Geri, Cassie, and everyone singing along. It felt nostalgic, and was definitely one of the highlights of the episode, seeing as how it was the plan to have them in the original finale of Supernatural but ended up not being able to due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • A little nod to another big part of Supernatural, Castiel, played by Misha Collins. Castiel’s human vessel was Jimmy Novak, and they threw in a little reference in the episode by having the auditorium that Kansas was playing at named “The Novak Memorial Auditorium.”

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Tin Can Telephone Jules Larson At the Side Step, an awkward breakfast adjusting to new circumstances and need for a new home; Geri and Cordell adjust to her new Davidson status.
Tub Gut Stomp & Red-Eyed Soul Shinyribs At the Austin Ranger Fair, Cassie and Captain James run into Trey; They spot and confront Fenton Cole.
MIDNIGHT SUN SUR At the fair, Cordell wins a blindfolded race while Geri cheers him on.
Enough Clint Manning At the fair, Geri takes a call from Gale; Stella opens up to Todd about her worries.
All My Livin Time Radio Company Cassie convinces Cordell to help her get info from Cole; Geri heads off by herself.
Automatic Attraction Palm Palm Geri and Abeline talk about Abby withholding information.
Upstage On the Front Page Harvest Thieves Cordell questions Cole Fenton about Cassie; Fenton rebukes him.
Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't Sarah Shook & The Disarmers At Expo Hall skee ball, Colton cools off; Geri gives him some advice.
Carry On Wayward Son Kansas At the concert hall auditorium, everyone enjoys the Kansas show.
life sentence Zachary Knowles Colton and Stella make up; At the fortune teller booth, Trey finds a tipsy Cassie.
Admiral of Upside Down Dhani Harrison Fenton drives down the highway, bringing food and water to a mysterious figure in an airstream.


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