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Title Nudge
Episode 2.10
Aired March 3, 2022
Ratings 1.642mil - 0.20 (18-49)
Director Steve Robin
Writer Seamus Kevin Fahey & Casey Fisher
Synopsis A feisty officer Perez mistakes Cordell for a suspect. Trey offers to help Liam with a project. Meanwhile, Colton is struggling with his feelings for Stella.
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Cordell moves to investigate a Ranger named Miles who went missing and was presumed dead after Captain Larry James discovers he's linked to a crime ring trafficking stolen cars. Though Captain James is working diligently to find Cordell a new partner, Cordell moves forward with his assignment alone, though his friends notice he's becoming increasingly lonely on the job. Scoping out a stolen car, he's mistaken for the thief by a woman who uses a taser on him and dumps him in the car's trunk for a high-speed interrogation through the streets of Austin. The woman reveals herself to be Texas Ranger Cassie Perez, from the Dallas Ranger office, who stops the awkward showdown after checking Walker's information with James.

Returning to the Austin Ranger office, Cassie reveals she is on an indefinite leave of absence after her partner was kidnapped, intent on getting to the bottom of the car-stealing case from her own perspective as it's linked to her partner going missing -- Cassie's former partner was Miles. Noticing how the two Rangers play off each other and feeling Cassie provides her own valuable insight, James decides to partner up Walker with Cassie, despite Cordell's vocal protests. Meanwhile, Cassie pays a surprise visit to the Walker family ranch to learn more about her new partner and the circumstances surrounding his former partner Micki's departure from the force.

Gale Davidson has a tense run-in with Abeline Walker before dropping off supplies at the Side Step and commiserating with Geri over losing people close to them. Meanwhile, August Walker notices Colton Davidson is still pining over his sister Stella, advising him to be patient and let her romance with their classmate Todd run its course. Inspired by her conversation with Geri, Gale later decides to pay Abby a visit at the ranch and finally have the uncomfortable discussion about what Abby and Gale's late husband Marv talked about before he died. As this takes place, Liam and Trey begin surveying the land between the Davidsons and Walkers, learning that the property lines may have been misinterpreted all along.

Cordell and Cassie realize where the car-stealing ring's base of operations is, investigating a warehouse and busting the crook inside after an extended fight, with Cordell successfully talking Cassie down from employing excessive force. In the aftermath, Cassie admits to him that she doesn't carry a sidearm as her gun was stolen from her and linked to Miles' disappearance and has wrestled with the guilt that her gun may have been used to kill her partner.

Impressed by her conduct, James formally offers Cassie to reinstate her as a Ranger under his command, partnered with Cordell. Cassie takes him up on this offer, advising Cordell to stop sitting on his laurels and pursue a romance with Geri, which he accepts, ending the episode with a romantic interlude.[1]


  • In this episode, Capt. James says "She's also got what it takes to force a moose like you into the trunk of a car", a reference to Jared Padalecki's former character Sam Winchester (Supernatural) being called "Moose" throughout the series.

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Handshakers The Coasts Cordell, Liam and Trey have lunch together, they discuss their personal lives.
Can't Catch Me] NoMBe, New Mystics Cassie interrogates Cordell and holds him captive in the trunk of stolen car.
Spaceship Ruth B. Stella and Todd stare a kiss after she spends the day with him helping his brother Bart study.
Weapon of Choice Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Cordell and Cassie chase after the car thief.
Run to You Ocie Elliott Cordell confesses to Geri and they have the sexy times.


Lead/Recurring Characters

Guest Stars

  • Bella Samman as Faye
  • Bobby Hernandez as Suspect
  • Cameron Vitosh as Todd
  • Deacon Ivey as Bart
  • Jalen Thomas Brooks as Colton Davidson
  • Jonathan Moon as Officer
  • Marco Ramirez as Charlie
  • Paula Marshall as Gale Davidson
  • Thirsa Van Til as Clerk

Episode Stills

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