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Name Oswald
Actor Jeremy Lawson
Episode(s) 1.07 Tracks
1.09 Rule Number 17


Oswald appears to be the leader (or a high ranking member) of the Northside Nation Gang. He appears in Laredo when the soccer team from Sacred Heart High School (including the Walker kids) are having a party in a field. He first tried to make the kids pay to use the field, then challenged them to shooting the soccer ball into the net while he defended it. When Stella shot the ball, Oswald's fellow gang member Cerrone shot the ball with a gun, starting a huge fight. Oswald was arrested by Cordell and was brought to the LPD station.

Appearing in episode 9 (Rule Number 17), he is shown to have been released from jail, and is involved in a poker game with the Northside Nation. Geri joined the game and it was revealed that she had taken a loan from the NSN, and she attempted to pay Oswald back the $25,000 she owed. He convinced her to play poker with himself, Cali, and other NSN members. After she tried to pry information from him about the night of April 8th (When Emily was murdered), he realized she was wearing a wire and attempted to hold her hostage. Cordell and Capt. Larry James stop him, arresting him again.