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‘Walker’ Season 1 Now Available on HBO Max 09.11.2021
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Walker’ On HBO Max, Where Jared Padalecki Plays A More Thoughtful Version Of The Famous Chuck Norris Character 09.14.2021
Lindsey Morgan Looks Back on ‘Walker’ Season 1 and Hints at Micki’s Next Move 08.15.2021
INTERVIEW: Lindsey Morgan on ‘Walker’ Season Finale, Directing and More (EXCLUSIVE) 08.13.2021
Everything Coming to HBO Max in September 2021 08.19.2021
Lindsey Morgan Dishes On The Explosive Walker Season 1 Finale, Her Season 2 Arc - Exclusive Interview 08.12.2021
Walker star Lindsey Morgan says Micki would 'go the distance for her partner' 08.12.2021
EXCLUSIVE Walker Finale Preview: Cordell Makes Some 'Bold Moves,' Like Taking Emily's Killer Hostage: Watch Sneak Peek 08.12.2021
WALKERWIKI EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Jeffrey Nordling 08.11.2021
Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Odette Annable on Having Mom Friends: 'We Were Built to Support Each Other' 08.11.2021
‘Walker’ Season 1 DVD To Be Released in October 08.10.2021
Showing Her Range - A veteran writer-producer runs her own show at the new Walker 07.22.2021
Step Inside Jared and Genevieve Padalecki’s Bustling Modern Farmhouse in Austin 07.29.2021
WATCH: Walker Hosts an Awkwardly Impromptu Family Reunion (Exclusive) 06.24.2021
The Walkers ‘Defend The Ranch’ in Episode 13 06.15.2021
The CW Fall Premiere Dates: ‘Riverdale’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Batwoman’, ‘All American’, ‘Walker’, ‘Nancy Drew’ & More 06.15.2021
Walker's Jared Padalecki Talks the Challenge to "Defend The Ranch" 06.10.2021
Jared Padalecki discusses how that major death changes things on Walker 06.10.2021
Jared Padalecki on Latest ‘Walker’ Tragedy: ‘It’s Heartbreaking All Around’ 06.10.2021
Walker's Jared Padalecki Talks Cordell's Latest Major Loss and His Shared 'Guilt' 06.10.2021
Jared Padalecki previews the biggest Walker episode of the season 'by far' 06.10.2021
Walker's Jared Padalecki Previews Cordell's 'Worst Nightmare' in the Show's 'Biggest' Episode to Date 06.09.2021
‘Supernatural’ alum Jared Padalecki stars in hit show ‘Walker’ 06.04.2021
Walker Brings the Heartbreak with ‘A Tale of Two Families’ 05.25.2021
The CW Announces 2021 Fall Schedule 05.25.2021
Walker Season 1 Finale Date Announced 05.24.2021
Kale Culley - Interview with Nyota Magazine 05.20.2021
Walker flashes back to the days after Emily's death in emotional sneak peek 05.20.2021
‘Walker’ Star Molly Hagan Explains Abilene’s Soft Spot for Hoyt 05.20.2021
WALKER WIKI EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Molly Hagan 05.10.2021
Walker star Molly Hagan previews Hoyt's homecoming 05.13.2021
Recap: The Side Step Reopens in ‘Walker’ Season 1, Episode 10 “Encore” 05.06.2021
‘Walker’ Music Showcase Planned for ATX Television Festival 05.06.2021
‘Walker’ Sneak Peek: Cord Tells Micki About THAT Geri Moment (VIDEO) 05.06.2021
‘Walker’: CW Series Promotes Odette Annable to Series Regular for Season 2 04.29.2021
TV's Texas Rangers ride back into UAE 04.27.2021
10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lindsey Morgan 04.27.2021
Gen Padalecki Joins BE Mentorship Conference 2021 04.21.2021
Jared Padalecki & Wife Genevieve Reveal How They Sneak in Dates During Their Busy Schedules! 04.21.2021
'Walker': Odette Annable Previews the ‘Action-Packed’ Showdown Between Geri & Cord 04.15.2021
Odette Annable previews Geri's 'complicated' return to Walker 04.15.2021
WALKER WIKI EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Violet Brinson 04.12.2021
Matt Barr Dishes Some Candid Thoughts On Walker, Jared Padalecki - Exclusive Interview 04.08.2021
Keegan Allen previews Liam's 'breaking point' as Walker returns 04.08.2021
WALKER WIKI EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Kale Culley 04.06.2021
The Hilarious Way Matt Barr Prepped For The CW's Walker - Exclusive 04.01.2021
AUDIO: Actor Matt Barr Joins the New Walker, Texas Ranger 03.30.2021
Genevieve Padalecki is Leading by Example 03.28.2021
Richard Speight, Jr. Set To Direct an Episode of ‘Walker’ 03.26.2021
The Surprising Connection Walker's Matt Barr Has With Chuck Norris' Walker, Texas Ranger - Exclusive 03.25.2021
WALKER WIKI EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Gavin Casalegno 03.22.2021
'Walker' Star Coby Bell on James and Liam's 'Crazy' Trip to Mexico and Keeping the Truth From Cordell 03.18.2021
Inside Line: Scoop on Resident Alien, Riverdale, New Amsterdam, SEAL Team, Flash, Grey's, Mom, S.W.A.T. and More! 03.16.2021
Gen Padalecki from Walker and Supernatural to Protecting the Earth 03.15.2021
Walker Boss on Whether (Spoiler) Is Really Connected to Emily's Murder — Plus: Is Cordell In Danger? 03.11.2021
‘Walker’ Executive Producer Anna Fricke Explains the Twistiest Episode Yet 03.11.2021
As Walker Redeems One Parent, It Completely Upends Another 03.22.2021
interview - violet brinson 03.18.2021
Recap: More Twists and Explosive Revelations in ‘Walker’ Season 1, Episode 7 “Tracks” 03.18.2021
Matt Barr Teases What We'll See From Prankster Jared Padalecki In Walker's Gag Reel - Exclusive 03.18.2021
'Walker's Kale Culley Reveals August Will Get Into 'Trouble' After 'Dangerous Adventures' 03.11.2021
Walker EP Previews Quest for Answers About Emily's Murder and Why Micki's Mother Is Bad News for Cordell 03.11.2021
Walker boss previews what to expect from the first anniversary of Emily's death 03.11.2021
WALKER WIKI EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview With Joe Perez (Carlos Mendoza) 03.10.2021
'Walker' Star Matt Barr Teases How Hoyt’s ‘Reckless’ Ways Could Impact Old Bonds 03.10.2021
Pandemic anniversary: How COVID-19 changed how TV was made, and what we watched 03.10.2021
TV's Queer Explosion 03.10.2021
VIDEO: Walker co-star Genevieve Padalecki joins The Jam for some fun. 03.04.2021
VIDEO: Actor Kale Culley dishes on new CW show ‘Walker’ 03.02.2021
VIDEO: We spoke to Raven from CW's 'The 100' about our meats - Lindsey Morgan x Meatme 03.02.2021
VIDEO: My Brothers And Me! (Interview with Jeff Pierre) 02.15.2021
The Talk - Coby Bell on 'Walker', Cowboy Hat and Texas Storm 02.26.2021
#TXVoices: Austinite Violet Brinson, Stella in The CW’s Hit Series, “Walker” 02.24.2021
‘Walker’ and Jared Padalecki Fans Come Together To Raise Money for Texas 02.23.2021
EXCLUSIVE: Alex Meneses talks ‘Walker,’ Austin and Jared Padalecki 02.22.2021
Alex Meneses To Recur In The CW’s ‘Walker’ 02.19.2021
Walker star Kale Culley talks playing August, says to 'expect the unexpected' in episode 7 02.18.2021
INTERVIEW: Keegan Allen on His New CW Series ‘Walker,’ Filming ‘No Escape,’ Photography, Music, and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ 02.06.2021
Jared Padalecki Has Been a Star for 20 Years. There's Still a Lot You Don't Know About Him. 02.17.2021
Genevieve Padalecki On The New 'Walker Texas Ranger' Reboot (Interview) 02.15.2021
What Blew Molly Hagan's Mind When Prepping For The CW's Walker - Exclusive 02.11.2021
Jared Padalecki wins SpoilerTV's fan-voted Performer of the Month! 02.14.2021
"Don't Fence Me In" Review by @erikmwalker 02.17.2021
Walker Review by @erikmwalker 02.12.2021
Kale Culley On The CW's 'Walker' & Jared Padalecki (VIDEO) 02.05.2021
Ratings for Thursday 4th February 2021 - Network Prelims Posted 02.05.2021
Walker Episode 3 Review: Bobble Head 02.04.2021
The Cast of the CW's Walker Reboot Diversifies The Original Series 02.04.2021
The CW Renews The Flash, Walker, Batwoman, Riverdale Plus 8 Others 02.03.2021
Walker's Jared Padalecki Previews the Arrival of Cordell's Bad-News BFF, Talks Potential Jensen Ackles Cameo 02.03.2021
Walker is The CW’s best TV show in recent years! 02.03.2021
Kale Culley has been steadily establishing himself as a versatile actor for the past few years 02.03.2021
Walker Star Calls His Character a "Ticking Time Bomb" 01.31.2021
‘Walker’ Debut Grows More Than 50% In Live+7 To Log the CW’s Largest Viewership In More Than 2 Years 01.30.2021
TV Ratings for Thursday, Jan. 28: ‘Walker’ Season 1 on The CW 01.29.2021
Walker season 1, episode 2 recap – “Back in the Saddle” 01.29.2021
Walker Episode 2 Review: Back in the Saddle 01.28.2021
‘Walker’ Teen Son Kale Culley Dishes About Working with Jared Padalecki & Upcoming Family Drama 01.28.2021
How The CW's Walker Episode 2 Reveals Jared Padalecki's Hidden Skill - Exclusive 01.28.2021
‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan Says a Mama Drama Is Coming for Micki Ramirez 01.28.2021
‘Walker’ Star Lindsey Morgan on Being Back on Earth, & Working With Jared Padalecki (Video) 01.28.2021
WATCH: Jared Padalecki Talks ‘Walker’ on ‘Good Morning America’ 01.27.2021
Walker becomes the CW's most-watched series premiere in 5 years 01.22.2021
First Teaser Video 12.14.2020
Walker Season 1 Photos 12.15.2020
Walker (The CW) "Winchester to Walker" Teaser 10.19.2020
Walker Star Jared Padalecki Shares Backstory-Heavy CW Series Teaser 12.14.2020
‘Walker’ Showrunner Previews Upcoming ‘Family Soap’ Starring Jared Padalecki 10.09.2020
Preview of the Pilot script 02.21.2020
‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Reboot Starring Jared Padalecki in the Works 09.23.2019
‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Reboot Starring Jared Padalecki in Development 09.23.2019
Supernatural's Jared Padalecki to Be the New Walker, Texas Ranger 09.23.2019
‘Supernatural’ star Jared Padalecki talks ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ reboot 10.03.2019
Jared Padalecki Reinvents a Lone Star State Icon 02.01.2021



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Interview: Keegan Allen on ‘Walker’ Midseason Return and Attending a ‘Supernatural’ Convention (EXCLUSIVE) 01.12.2022
‘Walker’: Lindsey Morgan on Micki’s ‘Beautiful, Really Honest’ Reason for Leaving 12.09.2021
Walker: How Lindsey Morgan's Micki Said Goodbye in the Midseason Finale 12.09.2021
Lindsey Morgan says Walker exit was 'one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make' 12.09.2021
‘Walker’ Prequel in Development; Jared Padalecki to Executive Produce 12.08.2021
Dave and Odette Annable Adorably Banter While Talking Walker Team-Up, Geri/Cordell Romance — Watch Video 11.11.2021
‘Walker’ Star Jared Padalecki Discusses Season 2 11.09.2021
‘Walker’ Midseason Premiere Date Announced 11.05.2021
Talking with Jared Padalecki About the New Season of CW’s “Walker” (VIDEO) 11.04.2021
Actor Jared Padalecki says he loves acting in and producing his newest show, ‘Walker’ (VIDEO) 11.02.2021
Catching up with Jared Padalecki: Walker Season 2 debuts of the CW San Diego (VIDEO) 11.02.2021
Jared Padalecki talks ‘Walker’ season 2, working with his real life wife (VIDEO) 11.02.2021
"Walker" Star: Jared Padalecki (VIDEO) 11.02.2021
‘Walker’ Shocker: Lindsey Morgan To Exit The CW Series This Season 10.29.2021
‘We Hit the Ground Running!’ Jared Padalecki Hypes Us Up for ‘Walker’ Season 2 10.28.2021
Jared Padalecki previews Walker season 2: 'We hit the ground running' 10.28.2021
Keegan Allen Reveals Where the ‘Walker’ Brothers Stand Going Into Season 2 10.27.2021
General Hospital Alum Bryan Craig Joins Walker (Series) on The CW! 10.15.2021
Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki to Stage ‘Supernatural’ Reunion on ‘Walker’ 09.23.2021
Jensen Ackles Set to Direct an Episode of ‘Walker’ 09.08.2021
Jared Padalecki Shares Video as He Starts Filming Second Season of ‘Walker’ 09.08.2021
Jared Padalecki Teases a ‘Supernatural’ Reunion & More in ‘Walker’ Season 2 (VIDEO) 09.08.2021
'Walker' to keep filming in Austin; City approves new incentives deal 09.03.2021
The CW’s ‘Walker’ Adds Dave Annable in a Recurring Role 09.01.2021