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Name Rex
Actor Tyler Galpin
Episode(s) 1.10 Encore


Micki and Cordell suspect Minnie Jayne is a thief of valuable musical instruments. While they are looking through Minnie's house, they encounter the actual thief, who manages to get away with some "parkour". Luckily they get fingerprints and find the name of the person involved, Rex. Minnie knows Rex, stating they met when he unsuccessfully auditioned for the band. Though he didn't join the band, Minnie admits to helping him learn how to "run a job". Though she is technically involved in the crimes by teaching Rex how to pull them off, she didn't keep any of the instruments herself (except for a single bass guitar). The rest went to kids or got sold to pay for studio time for other artists.

Minnie agrees to help bring in Rex by letting the Rangers know about a show at Hudson's on Mercer's, meant to commemorate the anniversary of Robert Johnson's "Crossroads". The show would have Robert Johnson's actual guitar, which is over 100 years old and worth a lot. They believe Rex will try to steal it. And they're correct, because Rex does end up attempting to steal it. He's thankfully caught by trying to escape (posing as a security guard), and arrested.