Sharon Torreto

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Name Sharon Torreto
Actor Marisilda Garcia
Episode(s) 1.03 Bobble Head


Sharon Torreto is a weapons dealer who was under suspicion by Micki and Cordell in episode 3 (Bobble Head). We first see her during a stakeout at the strip club "Top Heavy", where she is given a lap dance by Hoyt Rawlins, who also warns her of the "white hats" outside. They manage to evade arrest by sneaking out the back of the club, and Hoyt steals Micki's new truck as a sort of audition for his skills in grand theft auto.

She had Hoyt steal trucks from a local butcher shop to use as a front for trafficking weapons, and after some sleuthing by Micki and Cordell, we see her later arrested for her crimes. Not much else is known about her.


In the end credits of the episode (both on the live broadcast and streamed via the CW App), it incorrectly lists her character name as "Sharon Terreto".
Sharon "Terreto"