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Name Stella "Blue" Walker
  • "Sweet Pea" By Cordell
  • "Butterbean" By Cordell
  • "Stella Blue" By Liam
  • "Stell" By Cordell
  • Actor Violet Brinson / IMDB
    Dates 2005 (Age 16)
    Occupation Student
    1st Appearance 1.01 Pilot
  • Cordell Walker (father)
  • Liam Walker (uncle)
  • Abeline Walker (grandmother)
  • Bonham Walker (grandfather)
  • August Walker (brother)
  • Bret (future uncle)
  • Isabel Muñoz (friend/possible love interest)
  • Emily Walker (mother, deceased)
  • Trey Strand (love interest)
  • "It's gross that he would treat you any differently than me when we did the same thing!"
    ―Stella to Isabel in Back in the Saddle

    About the Character

    The CW's official character description: "Sixteen years old, insolent and riding an emotional rollercoaster, Stella is Walker’s teenage daughter. Headstrong and smart as hell, she resents her dad for being absent – and she’s not about to forgive him anytime soon. Her unrest leads her to ask questions Walker isn’t ready to answer."


    Brian Bowen Smith/CW

    Stella is the oldest of the two children (her younger brother is August) Cordell and Emily had together. She's an athletic and energetic teen, with a strong protectiveness over her best friend Isabel. Though she spent much of her childhood playing basketball, she has since moved on to soccer and seems to be doing well at it.

    Her father Cordell left fairly soon after the death of Stella's mother, Emily, and had been gone for 10 months on an undercover assignment. Stella holds resentment toward him for being gone so long, and for not making more effort to communicate with them while he was away. She and her brother have been living with their grandparents Abeline and Bonham, and both children have heavily bonded with their Uncle Liam, as he has temporarily relocated from New York to Texas to help out with taking care of them.

    Though a lot of her behaviour may seem like typical teenaged angst, it's obvious she was greatly hurt by her father's absence and it motivates her in much of what she says/does. Cordell has been trying to mend the tear in their relationship (though Stella seems less than receptive at times), and will continue to do so as the series progresses.