The One Who Got Away

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Title The One Who Got Away
Episode 2.02
Aired November 4, 2021
Ratings 1.761mil - 0.30 (18-49)
Director Richard Speight Jr.
Writer Seamus Kevin Fahey & Anna Fricke
Synopsis Walker has concerns over Micki going too deep undercover. Captain James and the new District Attorney work together to close the case to bring Micki home. Stella and Colton team up to solve a mystery while under the watchful eye of Trey.
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In this episode, we learn the backstory between Micki Ramirez and Garrison Murphy. He tests her in front of Serano and lets her continue on as Yvette, even knowing who she really is. As they’re in the car later, he tells her he wants to help the Rangers if he gets immunity. He brings Micki to a church, one where they almost got married, and we find out that she left him at the altar. He says that he has all of the evidence against Serano, including the hit in Austin.

Cordell and Capt. James team up this episode to keep their eyes on Micki and her undercover mission. The two call Denise and Liam about Serano and the evidence, to keep them in the loop. Denise fights for Cordell to remain on the case against Liam’s wishes.

Garrison takes Micki back to his place, where they’re surprised by Cordell and Captain James. As they’re questioning Garrison, Micki finds a painting of the church they visited. Garrison tells Cordell and Captain James he has a key to a file cabinet where the evidence is, but he wants immunity. Garrison also states that Serano runs part of Northside Nation. Cordell and Micki go into the building and one of Serano’s henchmen sets the room on fire, and Micki comes out with a charred file — one that Denise says they can’t use.

In an effort to help with August, Stella, Colton, and Todd instead of having them do detention, Trey sets up mini-escape rooms for the four to team build. Stella is paired up with Colton, and August with Todd. Todd tells Augie that Ruby ditched him for Augie, and the two use their history to find the key and find Trey. Colton tells Stella about his parents’ divorce, and Stella tells him she gets it. Colton says that their parents grew up together, and he apologizes about complaining about his “living” parents to Stella. The two work together and find the key to get out. Stella gives Colton a ride home and the two come across a horse that needs help; one that doesn’t belong to either family. The two share looks as if they’ve come to a truce.

At the end of the episode, Garrison says that he can meet with Serano. Micki finds a paper from the bar that Spider was killed in and realizes that he was lying and he was at the bar — and was possibly the one who killed Spider. Micki finds Garrison, who has a sniper rifle pointed at Cordell from a balcony.

Now, we find out that this meeting between Garrison and Serano was a trap all along and Garrison was the one that shot at Cordell. Garrison says that Serano said he’d kill Micki if he didn’t go through with it so she’d have to stop him. Micki shoots another one of Serano’s henchmen, and Garrison shoots at Cordell and misses. Cordell shoots another one of Serano’s men, and Garrison yells that the next shot won’t miss. Micki pushes Garrison, who falls over the side and the gun falls. She holds onto him but cannot pull him up; he falls to his death as Micki screams.

Captain James arrests Serano before he can get away. Cordell tries to comfort Micki after the event happens, and Denise arrives asking if Micki is okay. As Denise talks to Cordell, Serano tells Cordell, “I’ll be seeing you,” as he’s put in the back of a cop car. Micki is last seen crying in the back of her truck drinking, as she listens to a mix CD that Garrison had made her. Cordell arrives, joining her. The camera pans to the painting of the church, which is sitting in her backseat.[1]



Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Can't Hold Me Down ZOI Opening scene.
Memphis on the Moon The Sanco Loop Micki and Garrison arrive at the church, Garrison promises that answers are inside.
Crazy Love Lumado Trey sets up the weirdest escape room/detention hybrid.
Movie Screen Tommy Newport Locker room escape room!
Getaway Bite The Buffalo Micki and Cordell take down Morgan as the building goes up in flames.
True Love Will Find You In the End Wilco Micki puts on Garrison's mixtape while getting ready to go after Serano. It also plays at the end. We all cry.
Saved Samuel Jack Micki stops Garrison from sniping Cordell; Garrison falls off the roof. We continue crying.
The King Is Gone Western Youth Stella offers Colton a ride.


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