Trevor Strand

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Name Trevor Strand
Actor Gavin Casalegno
Occupation Stable worker
1st Appearance 1.04 Don't Fence Me In
  • Clint West (father)
  • Stella Walker (friend/love interest)
  • August Walker (friend)
  • Crystal West nee Strand (mother - deceased)
  • Harriett Strand (aunt)
  • About the Character

    Trevor is shown to be caring, polite, and a hard worker. He even provides good advice when it's required. He works to make a good impression when first meeting Abeline Walker, though there is a bit of mystery to him as a character. His mother recently passed away, which he uses to relate to Stella when they become friends.

    In an interview with show runner Anna Fricke, she stated: "Trevor has a really fraught relationship with his dad, and his dad is very manipulative. He does have Trevor under his thumb. Trevor is still, at heart, kind of a kid who’s scared of his dad, so there could still be some danger or manipulation happening".[1]


    Trevor is a recent hire at the prison stables where Stella is doing her community service with Isabel, following their arrest. He appears friendly with Stella, and the two seem to have a budding romance after spending some time together. Trevor's father is currently in prison for an unknown charge and Trevor took the job at the stables to be closer to him. It's mentioned that his father has been in prison more than once.Trevor is also a student at Sacred Heart High School with the Walker kids, and is the soccer team's water boy.

    It's shown in episode 6 Bar None that Trevor's father is, in fact, Clint West. Trevor visits him in prison to inform Clint that Cordell is not "Duke Culpepper", as they thought, and is actually a Ranger.