Two Points for Honesty

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Title Two Points for Honesty
Episode 2.08
Aired January 20, 2022
Ratings 1.107mil - 0.10 (18-49)
Director Bosede Williams
Writer Blythe Ann Johnson
Synopsis While setting up protective detail on Trey, Captain James is shot and left in critical condition. Walker takes on the role of interim Captain and turns to an unlikely source for help.
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Trey manages to pull Captain James to safety and drive the gunman away by returning fire before the authorities arrive to take James to the nearest hospital as he passes out from the blood loss. Trey alerts Cordell of what transpired, with the Texas Ranger dropping everything and arriving at the hospital with the rest of his family to check in on James. While the identities of the gunman remain a mystery, the group is heartened to hear that none of James' major organs were damaged by the gunfire and James awakens the next morning with Cordell by his bedside.

James wastes no time guiding Cordell on what to do next, telling him he is instructing the District Attorney not to bring in any additional officers for the ongoing investigation behind the Northside Nation over concerns of double agents secretly on Serano's payroll. James has Cordell take point on the investigation while he recovers but warns Cordi not to let the investigation become personal and keep a level head about it rather than it becoming a vendetta. This advice is tested when Cordell approaches the imprisoned Stan Morrison, the man who murdered Cordell's wife Emily on behalf of the Northside Nation, for more information.

When Stan's insight on the Northside Nation proves unhelpful, a frustrated Cordell and James verbally clash on how he is handling the investigation. The stress causes James' health to significantly worsen, with the doctors subsequently noticing that James' wounds have become septic, resulting in a severe infection. An overwhelmed Cordell reunites with Geri Broussard, who has separately come to check in on James, with Geri providing some much-needed emotional support to her old friend before Cordell rallies his fellow Rangers to continue the investigation in earnest.

Liam pulls strings to learn that a man named Cole Lecher that James personally arrested is out and likely looking for revenge. This revelation comes just as Cole menaces James at gunpoint, revealing how the routine stop and resulting arrest ruined his life. As James begins talking down Cole, while imploring Cordell to stand down, a responding S.W.A.T. officer shoots and kills Cole on the spot, visibly shaking both James and Cordell to the core. As a recovered James prepares to leave the hospital, he reconnects with his ex-wife Kelly James who airs her concerns for him and his obsessive dedication to his work.

Bonham and Trey commiserate over Micki Ramirez leaving Trey and Austin behind, with Bonham assuring Trey that he will always have a base of support with the Walker family. James and Cordell reflect on how their perspective on law enforcement has changed dramatically since getting started, especially in light of Cole's death. Reaffirming their friendship and professional partnership, the two men vow to steer the Rangers with officers like Walker and Micki as James is discharged from the hospital. Liam privately meets with Stan, who warns him about the Davidsons and directs him to a set of hidden files he has on the family.[1]


Jared's tweet
  • Cordell says "I got work to do" as well as "We got work to do" (twice), which could be a throwback to Supernatural, because this was a common phrase associated with the show (specifically due to Dean and Sam both saying it multiple times).

Music In Episode

Song Title Artist Scene Info
Paradise Daniel Trakell Captain James passes on the buck to Cordell to head up the Serano case.
Bloom Arch Leaves Liam offers to help Cordell with the case; Geri emboldens him.
With the Wind SUR James and Cordell have an honest and frank conversation about their futures.
Bad Beast Suzanne Santo Stan gives Liam information on the Davidsons.


Lead/Recurring Characters

Guest Stars

  • Alessandra Mañon as Nurse 2
  • Erik Odom as Cole Lecher
  • Ione Butler as Alexis Jackson aka "Jack"
  • Jeffrey Nordling as Stan Morrison
  • Joshua Brockington as DJ James
  • Kearran Giovanni as Kelly James
  • Mariah Baillie as Nurse 1
  • Matt Blackwell as Officer
  • Nina Leon as Dr. Paul
  • Rey Francis as Trauma Nurse

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