Twyla Jean

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Name Twyla Jean
Actor Karissa Lee Staples
  • 1.04 Don't Fence Me In (photograph)
  • 1.05 Duke
  • 1.11 Freedom
  • 2.15 Bygones
  • 2.16 Champagne Problems
  • 2.17 Torn
  • About

    Twyla Jean resided in San Antonio, Texas. We first see her in a photograph in Don't Fence Me In, when August discovered his father's old undercover items that he'd kept in a box. She was a banker who was robbed point blank by Clint West, to which she followed Clint to a bar to become his friend. This was her introduction into his bank robbery crew the Rodeo Kings (alongside Clint's wife Crystal West, and Jaxon Davis). She had no arrest record which made it difficult for the Texas Rangers to identify her involvement with the Rodeo Kings. The Kings became known throughout Texas for their robberies, often resulting in bank employees being murdered or critically injured. When Jaxon broke his leg approximately four months prior to Duke, it was the perfect "in" for Cordell to join their ranks, due to being down a member. Cordell created the persona "Duke Culpepper" and was undercover for ten months before finally bringing Clint and Crystal to justice. Twyla and Jaxon were not arrested at the time of the initial robbery four months prior. Jaxon is still obviously in contact with Twyla, as he shows up at the bar as her backup when she's meeting with Duke.

    During Cordell's time undercover, he had a romantic/sexual relationship with Twyla, and she still seemed very interested in him when he resurfaced in Duke. The only reason he'd gone to meet her again was due to August. In the box of Duke's things, there was an old phone, and August used the phone to text Twyla, accidentally giving her false hope that Duke was back and interested in meeting up.

    She was finally brought to justice by Cordell and Micki (acting undercover as Duke and Adriana respectively), and was arrested by Tessa Graves. She believes Duke (Cordell) was shot and killed by Tessa when he tried to escape capture, but it was all a ruse.

    In episode 11 (Freedom), Twyla reveals that she had a husband who left her in debt before meeting Cordell/Duke. She also states "Men only need me when they need something, and I guess they didn't have a use for me this time." while Cordell is trying to track down Jaxon and Clint (after they escaped prison transport). Twyla ends up revealing that Clint used to have a cabin in Choke Canyon, so he should look there.

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