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Created by two fans who love the show Walker, not affiliated with any other wiki/show.

Walker Wiki is a passion project we created out of love for the show, and the fandom. Wikis are not one, or two people projects. We may have kickstarted things, but this page is quite literally by the fans, for the fans. Anyone can be part of this, and it will not thrive without you. Request an account to be part of building this.

Shannon (she/her)

I'm a 30-something Jared enthusiast who sucks at talking about herself. I can spout pop culture facts like gospel and I love pretty boys in cowboy hats. I'm an amateur at coding (be nice) and this was a really great way to improve on things I already knew, while also wanting to jump out a window. I'm here, I'm queer, and I'm... yeah that's it, just here and queer. Also I'm married to Tristan, so that's pretty neat.

Tristan (she/her)

Tris is no longer involved with the Wiki in any capacity.